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krissy's final pics

Kriss’s final words

So the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition challenge has come to an end!! I’m so proud of my transformation over the last two years & especially these last 20 weeks! There’s no way I would have gotten there without this challenge! I’m not embarrassed to post a pic on fb in my […]

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Tashs end of challenge blog pic

Tash’s Final Words

And just like that the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition is over! What an awesome 20 weeks filled with many highlights- the perfect way to help get through winter. I have changed my lifestyle, hit the 10 kg weight loss and even run a half marathon. I am now the fittest and […]

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Jamie and mum Jane

Jane and James

Entrant James says: ‘Super proud of this Super Mum Jane Harris. Just completed her first 20 Week Challenge and smashed it with phenomenal results.’ And his mum Jane says: ‘Final assessment done I am feeling very proud and happy. This was my first 20 Week Challenge and it has been amazing in so many ways I achieved […]

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Dallas NRG


‘Our very last group session last night. A big thank you to Cat and Shelley for pushing us and coming up with the routines that they did. From every box jump, burpee, lunge, skip, 100m sprint, mountain climber, interval training etc. etc. our bodies have benefited. Assessment day was awesome. I have lost 44cms, my […]

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Lisa’s update

I DID IT !!! I completed my first ever Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition.. Out of the 100 work days I could have attended the gym- I smoked 98 of them !! My results are Fantastic, I’m so so proud of myself.. 43.1 cm lost across my whole body, 6.4kg down, body […]

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bull's eye

Shea’s update

My goal has been to lose weight, but to do so in a balanced, non-extreme way. I have never been able to do go hard out in the past without eventually giving up and I realised that I have to find something sustainable for me. I’ve always been a black or white person and that […]

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tri july

Beck’s update

“…… thanks to the Challenge (and help from Christina in my team) I learnt to swim this month so I could hand on heart say I honestly did the Tri July! Swam my first length ever unassisted today (have done previous lengths with a float belt) and went on to swim another km. I loved […]

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