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tri july

Krissy’s Story

This is my first year doing the 20 week challenge and I have decided to partake in the Tri July Challenge. This morning I biked to work for the very first time EVER… the last week I have been busy buying lots of reflective gear and I was very nervous about hitting the road this morning, […]

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Clare and Tom working out

Clare’s Story

This week I am reminded about my decisions to take on a healthy lifestyle. My good friend passed away and I only wish I had inspired her to take on a similar journey. Nonetheless, it is this vain that I continue to find strength, encouragement, perseverance and sheer determination to make this my life choice. […]

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Natalie and Cameron at Kids Republic (1)

Natalie Week 11

Just wanted to share with you my 10 achievements for the first 10 weeks of the programme. I have been struggling the last two weeks with a chest cold and a strained shoulder so am finding it hard to re motivate myself for the next 9 weeks. It was good to look back on the first […]

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Em's Running Adventures pic with dog

Emily’s Story

Some of you probably think you’ll never be ‘skinny’, you’ll never be a runner, you’ll never … whatever it might be. Because you’ve always been ‘fat’, it runs in your family…. I used to have the exact same thoughts. But this photo shows anything is possible. Yes, it’s taken 10 years and I’ve had lots […]

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Andrea & Pinkie

I have a tale to tell you…and then the offer of the century!!!         3 years and 20 kg ago (pretty much to this day ish) I did the 20 week challenge and my PT excitedly informed me that I had to get on a bike and ride for 10 km!!! Happily […]

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Kirsten chapman 10 km walk

Kirsten Chapman

Never say never….just over a year ago, before I started my first 20 week challenge, I would have never imagined I would have competed in the Christchurch Marathon but here I am, having just done the 10k walk. It’s amazing how liberating getting out there & trying new things can be. Next year….maybe I’ll be […]

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Beautiful tess in the snow

Tess’s Story

Hey! Just thought I’d share a story and some pictures on my 20weeks journey so far. For the challenge I’ve set myself 20 goals I want to achieve, all my goals are either physically or mentally challenging for me. Saturday I competed one of the hardest goals on that list! I climbed Mount Thomas! 6 hours […]

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Lisa press half marathon


            I, like many others, completed the Christchurch Half Marathon last week.I also managed a PB. This was my 5th one, the second in 3 weeks, as I also did the St Clair in Blenheim. I would never have thought in a million years, that this would have ever been […]

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