Shelley’s final words

shelley before and after 2Today marks the end of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition and a long haul to the finish line! A few curve balls later I have kept on keeping on! With a loss of 6 kgs and 79 cms of less me!

At the beginning I expected more loss more quickly but soon realised that I was achieving a whole lot more than just watching the numbers go down- and to date am 13 kgs lighter since realising it was time for things to change!!!

The team at NRG Health and Fitness – you are all so motivating and supportive and I’m sure all the girls will back me up in saying you guys rock and we are so lucky to have an amazing wee gym in our community. I now feel great walking into the gym knowing that every little bit I do does matter.

Shelley before and after 1I challenge you all to step outside your comfort zone- coz now that I have I wish I had done it sooner coz I feel energised, motivated and fantastic and I can now Run 5 km (not just 5 steps) and I’m enjoying it!

Huge thanks to my awesome husband who has spent 20 weeks of mornings sorting and getting the kids ready on his own… as I run in the door, jump through the shower and grab the breakfast he’s made me and back into truck to head to work! Phew! and my awesome friends and family who have supported me the whole way.

Happy Days!

Shelley posted this on our Facebook page on the last day of the Challenge.

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