Shea’s update

My goal has been to lose weight, but to do so in a balanced, non-extreme way. I have never been able to do go hard out in the past without eventually giving up and I realised that I have to find something sustainable for me. I’ve always been a black or white person and that is no way to live, its just realistic to be that way. Its all about balance! I have lost about 7 kg thus far and although I wish that number was higher, I do realise that it reflects the work I have put in and also that I really do want to achieve this slowly and truly keep it off.

So here are some of my accomplishments, physical and psychological And sorry for the novel!

-I’m much less achy all over; I used to ache all over (maybe from inactivity, and I did have a baby) but the general aching has reduced by about 80% or so.

-When I first started the challenge, I considered walking my son to school and back (about 10 min each way) to be exercise. Well not anymore, now I just think of it as being active and usually go for a big walk as well.

-Evening times were like the apocalypse for me. I seriously felt like a zombie and was really worn out by 6 pm. I feel soooo much better in the evenings now, and my weekly 7pm PT session with Taryn is not even a big deal now to me, I just get to the gym and get it done! -When I have a treat I don’t go for seconds, and its no big deal to me now. This for me is huge.

-For the first time in 10+ years, I actually feel like its possible. That I’m really, truly going to lose a substantial amount of weight and not be a plus-size anymore. I don’t think I ever really believed it in the past. I think the difference is, that now I am patient and not expecting it to happen overnight, after all I didn’t put it on overnight! I really feel like I can do it!

-I now prioritize exercise. Walk first, the household chores can wait.

I’m sure there are many more but you get the idea.

This 20 week challenge is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am so grateful to you for organising this challenge and making it affordable and realistic for all people at all stages. Thank you!!!!’

Shea is trained by Fitness by Taryn-Jane.
THANK YOU SHEA and huge congrats on all you have achieved.

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