Clare’s Story

Clare and Tom working out
This week I am reminded about my decisions to take on a healthy lifestyle. My good friend passed away and I only wish I had inspired her to take on a similar journey. Nonetheless, it is this vain that I continue to find strength, encouragement, perseverance and sheer determination to make this my life choice.

One of my primary motivations, other than personal well-being, is to increase my life expectancy. You can imagine my horror and shock when my Personal Trainer, Tom Hart, encouraged me to take a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)at the onset of this challenge. I was well aware that the results were not going to be great at my first visit, but let me tell you… I walked out of Abby’s office crying my eyes out. It was a vast realisation. It was confrontational. It was that moment when the light bulb went on and a ton of bricks landed right on my shoulders. What had I been doing to myself ?  My supportive PT, Tom, went along with me to the testing and well, I’m pretty thankful he did. It was at that particular moment that I realised.

  1. This Challenge is for me
  2. Tom Hart is the personal trainer to support, train and encourage me to reach my goals.

So, with this… I thank Broni and her team for setting up this challenge and for making me realise that I had made the right decision. A decision to live!

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