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tri july

This is my first year doing the 20 week challenge and I have decided to partake in the Tri July Challenge. This morning I biked to work for the very first time EVER… the last week I have been busy buying lots of reflective gear and I was very nervous about hitting the road this morning, but I made it!! If it wasn’t for Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition I would have never biked to work, or even got on a bike as it’s outside my comfort zone!! This is a great challenge for me as I am a very competitive person and play netball at a high level which takes up a lot of my time, so being involved in this challenge pushes me to do something else I wouldn’t do otherwise! I have started up my own FB page for Tri July if you want to have a look at it, Krissy’s Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge Tri July

Last year I was privileged enough to be taken as a partner to the end of year function and I was in awe of all of the amazing transformations of the athletes so I am pleased I have decided to enter myself this year :)

Thanks for organising such a wonderful challenge and helping people change their lives for the better :)

Kristina Wilkinson 

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