Natalie Week 11

Just wanted to share with you my 10 achievements for the first 10 weeks of the programme.

Natalie and Cameron at Kids Republic (1)

I have been struggling the last two weeks with a chest cold and a strained shoulder so am finding it hard to re motivate myself for the next 9 weeks.

It was good to look back on the first 10 weeks though and see what I have achieved. I need to remind myself not to compare myself to the other contestants, I am just doing what I can in my stage of life with 3 young boys!

10 things I’ve achieved in the first 10 weeks of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge:-

1. Rode a bike for the first time in 3 years (10km), towing my son in the bike trailer (15kgs)

2. Bought myself a pair of size 12 jeans!

3. Got up at 5.30am once a week to train with Roger Symes, despite the lack of sleep from having young children

4. Tried 4 new foods – Almond Milk, Chokos, Persimmon and Qunioa, along with many other new recipes

5. Changed my eating to include more whole/natural foods and as a result no longer get the shakes and feeling sick from my blood sugars crashing during the day

6. Reached my goal of losing 10kg since I have started training with Roger in late 2013.

7. Tried 4 new activities Orienteering, Tap Dancing, Swiss Ball Pike and weight lift, plus the indoor adventure playground with my children at Kids Republic

8. I lost 11cm over 6 body measurements

9. I now can now do up my pre-pregnancy trousers, that have been hiding in my wardrobe for the past two years!

10. Went to a midwinter Christmas party and did not overindulge on food, feeling like I had to sample everything on offer. Left feeling great and very proud of myself.

..and when we asked Natalie if we could share this post she said yes and sent in this wonderful pic of her and her son Cameron at his 5th birthday atKids Republic commenting ‘For me this is what the challenge is all about – being a fit and active mum to enjoy life with my family, and feeling confident in myself.’

Natalie Allen is trained by Roger Symes.

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