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The 2018 Challenge is now underway.
The next Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge is planned to kick off April 29th, 2019.

Step 1. Pick your categories

Step 1. Pick your categories

Choose two of our categories that best match your two health and fitnessey goals.

If you change your mind you’ll have the opportunity to change categories in week 3. 

1. Abdominal
Desire a shapely waist or an envious six pack? Know how important strong abs are to overall fitness, posture and great backs? Then choose this as one of your categories.  Includes pelvic floor strength goals and those wanting to recover post any abdominal surgery.

2. Adventurers
Feel up for climbing 20 mountain peaks in 20 weeks? Kayaking the Abel Tasman? May be jump out of planes and off buildings and bridges? This category is for entrants who are keen to embark on unusual and exciting or daring experiences.

3. Balance
A great one for entrants who want to take up tight rope walking, or who just want to not fall over when they stand on one leg.

4. Cardiovascular
Haven’t done anything fitnessy for a while? Want to go from being a walker to a runner, hike happily up hills or just not puff going up stairs? Then this is the category for you.

5. Flexibility
If you’d love to touch your toes or maybe touch your ears with your toes then enter this category.

6. Lower Body
From butt to big toe this is the category for those yearning for a fab set of pins and a great toosh.

7. Maintenance
We regard this as one of our very hardest categories to put your hand up for! Getting fabulous improvements can be very motivational but what happens when it’s time to just maintain those great results. This category acknowledges the challenges of staying on track.

8. Strong (wo)man
If your dream is to lift, push or pull more weight this is the category for you.  Whether it’s carrying the supermarket shopping bags comfortably, squatting your own weight or lifting a car, this is the category for you.

9. Ultra
Been competing in events for a few years? Already have great cardiovascular and/or strengths levels from years of training? Know how to eat and recover well and want to focus on personal bests, longer distances and/or harder events? Then this is the category for you.

10. Upper Body
For the entrant who is chasing stronger, more toned shoulders, back, chest and arms.

11. Rocking the Recovery
For those who in the process of recovering from an injury during the challenge. It may be that you come in with an injury or have an operation/set back mid-challenge that you need to recover from. A great one to help people stay motivated and on track with their rehab by entering this category. This is also the only category that you can change into at any point during the challenge.

12. Skill Me Up
Keen to take up a new activity? Surfing, tennis, karate, bowling, gymnastics, pole dancing or sailing maybe? Whatever it is, see how good you can get at in 20 weeks to be in to win this one. The only rule is the activity needs to be new-ish to you (i.e. you haven’t done it more than 2 or 3 times) and you’re keen to get good at it.

13. Entrants Choice
For entrants who have health and fitness goals not covered by our other categories like improving their agility, or the speed at which they can bowl a cricket ball or coping with mental health issues, overcoming addiction, improving their blood pressure, cholesterol levels or confidence. You name it and we’ll take it.

All entrants are also automatically entered in to the following three overall categories.

A. Overall Body Change
Awarded to an entrant who has experienced all over positive changes in shape, fitness, strength, body fat, muscle, posture, health – the whole kit and kaboodle!

B. Overall Lifestyle Change
Make positive changes to your overall lifestyle and you’ll also be in to win this one.

C. Overall Entrant
Given to an entrant who gives the challenge their all and really embraces the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge™ philosophy.

Step 2: Check if you're eligible to enter any extra categories

Step 2: Bonus Optional Categories

In addition to entering the two categories above you can jump into any of these categories that are applicable to you as well.

1. Best Buddies
For great friends who want to support each other on their 20 Week Challenge™ journey, whether that’s by training together or competing against each other!

2. Couples
For entrants who are couples, either married or de-facto, who support each other on their 20 Week Challenge™ journey, whether that’s by training together or competing against each other! For more couple tips click here.

3. Early Starters
If you don’t want to wait until April 30th to start on your health and fitness journey then you can get going any time from February 14th 2018 to be in to win this category. Simply fill out the entry form to receive the testing template and have your Personal Trainer fitness assess you and you’re good to go.

4. My Pet and Me
For entrants keen to train with their pet.

5. New Mums
For mums who have had a baby in the 24 months before April 30th, 2018.

For entrants 65 years and over as of June 30th, 2018

7. Team Challenge
For teams of between 4 and 7 entrants, who all train with the same PT and who complete the 3 fun Catch Fitness ‘mini – any one can do – team challenges’ that we toss out during the 20 Week Challenge™.

8. Workplace Angel
Recognizing our work affects our health and vice versa this category is for those wanting to challenge themselves to be healthier at work and help others to be too.

9. Youth
For entrants under 16 years of age as of June 30th, 2018.

Step 3: Enter Here

Step 3: Enter

  1. Enter here.
  2. Pay the entry fee
  3. From April 2nd check your inbox for part 1 of the Starter Up Guide

Step 4: Choose your coaches

Step 4: Choose your ‘coaches’.

A) Fitness testing with official verifiers (OVs).

So our judges can be assured your fitness tests are legitimate, done safely and accurately you will need to use an official verifier (OV) to do your tests in the first four weeks of the Challenge and again in the last four weeks.

OVs include Personal Trainers that are registered with REPs (or the equivalent registration body in your country), Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists or PE teachers.

Your OV will choose the tests that are most appropriate for you, taking into account your goals, the categories you are entered into and your abilities.  For this reason they will likely need to do a ‘pre-screen’ and consult with you before doing the tests with you.

If you are more than 20 km from an OV you can do your fitness testing via Skype or similar if the OV feels confident doing that.

Your first challenge is to find an OV to help you out! Click here for tips on finding the perfect one for you.

B) Throughout the Challenge check in with a ‘coach’ twice.

These check in’s can be with your official verifier i.e. the person who did the tests, PTs, Physios, PE teachers and Accredited Exercise Physiologists or they can in fact be with one or more of the following experts Dietitian, Counselor, Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Degree Qualified Nutritionist, Podiatrist or a ‘coach’ qualified in the area they are coaching and holding a first aid certificate, for instance a running, athletic or dance coach.

You can decide on who your check ins are with once the Challenge starts. Click here to read more.

Previous entrants: What's changed in 2018

If you’ve done the Challenge before and are keen to do it again, click here to view this year’s changes.