Couples compilation

Keep a brief record of how you support each other, whether that’s with your training, your cooking, your lifestyle or by being ultra-competitive with each other!

Send the judges a summary of all you got up to in the week after the Challenge finishes.

If it’s easier you can keep your record on a Facebook page, private or public, and then share it with us, either along the way or at the end.

COUPLES AWARD – Sponsored by Peter Warren – Mike Pero Real Estate

pete and joWin a weekend away for two courtesy of Peter. We should warn you though, it will probably be more of an ‘adventurous’ weekend away than a romantic one since you’ll most likely be accompanied by Peter and his partner Jo.

Pete has been an entrant in the 20 Week Challenge™ for three years and every year he has won a category or two!


pete caving

Perhaps you’ll go caving with Pete?

  • In 2013 he won the Horleys Overall Body Change Category and the Elite Fitness Abdominal Category
  • In 2014 he won the Em Power Cookie Ultra-Cardiovascular Category
  • In 2015 Peter won the Maintenance Award and the Mike Catton Adventure category



This year Peter told us how much he loved the 20 Week Challenge™ and asked,  ‘what can I give, money, a treadmill, what would entrants like as a prize, or how could I support them?’ and thus emerged the idea of this weekend away prize.

Peter Warren has been a true champion since day one of arriving in our world and we can guarantee that the lucky winners will have a positively memorable time, and while he didn’t ask for the acknowledgement we’d like to return the favour by giving special mention to his Mike Pero office and include for you all this video of him there – Meet Mike.

before and after pete

Pete’s improvement in year one