Personal Training

In a nutshell

We believe having your own Personal Trainer is essential to your success which is why our unique challenge makes it compulsory!

  1. You’ll be seeing a Personal Trainer (PT) once at least five times during the Challenge.
  2. You can choose any PT providing they are registered.*
  3. If there’s no registered* PT within 20km of you we have Global PTs who can help you out.

*Registered means with a body recognized by ICREPs of which there are 1000s around the world:-)

FAQs with Challenge Girl.

If your personal training questions aren’t answered below  just get in touch with Challenge Girl here.


Why have a personal trainer

A personal trainer will help you get to where you want to go – and beyond!

‘75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want.
Of the 25% of people who do get results, 90% of them are working with a personal trainer.’

IDEA International Health and Fitness Organisation.

And here’s some of the reasons why…

1. Personal trainers do essential and accurate assessments.

At the risk of losing in you in the lingo, PTs can assess your VO2 levels, ROM, BP, hydration levels, FHP, lean mass, body fat levels, metabolic age, take before and after photos with a plum line, test your glucose levels and a whole lot more!

If you’re not sure what any of those things are trust us, they are  important to you achieving your goals and your PT will know how to do them accurately which our judges need to be assured of.

2. PTs write individualized training programmes!

At Catch Fitness we don’t dish out the one exercise programme for everyone.  Imagine if everyone got the same programme as Dan Carter?  It just wouldn’t work unless Dan entered.

We have had entrants who have been 180kg and sedentary,  to ones just 30 years young but with arthritis, to elite athletes with a broken leg and they have all been catered for whether they have been working out at a gym, at home or in the big outdoors, one to one or in groups with others.

Individualization of your training by your PT plays a huge part in why 20 Week Challenge™ entrants do so well.


Read the fabulous stuff entrants said to us on their feedback forms about their PTs – click here 

How often to see a PT

When, where and how often you need to see your PT

  • Once every four weeks and a total minimum of five times over the 20 weeks.
  • Your first session in May, with your PT needs to be  one – one for an hour i.e. just them and you.
  • After your first session the remaining sessions can be as part of a group, a seminar, a class, a walk,  for as long as short as you like, but it does need to be in person not via skype for instance, unless you fall within one of our *exceptions.
  • Some PTs do have other own conditions around how often they like to see entrants and what services they can offer.
  • Exceptions to in person sessions. Entrants who have no PTs (registered with their countries ICREPs or equivalent) within a 20 km radius have the option to use one of our three Global online PTs for the 20 weeks.  Clients who have trained with PTs at least 12 times before entering the challenge may also be eligible to do one session on-line, useful for those entrants who go on holiday during the Challenge.

How many times we recommend you see a PT 

  1. If you are new to exercising.

    Aim for weekly sessions with your PT, ideally one to one, just you and them, for the first 6-8 weeks, of 20 minutes or more. This will ensure you get great technique on the right exercises for you, which means results faster and less likelihood of injury.

  2. If you’re not very motivated when it comes to exercising.

    You’ll do well to have more regular PT sessions or to at least commit to a weekly group session with your PT, or even group ones they recommend like a Zumba class, PUMP an 8 week Salsa course, swimming squads, walking or harrier groups etc i.e. you really need tocommit yourself to hanging with a group of active people each week.

  3. If you’re a super motivated, regular exerciser but not getting the results you want or commonly getting injuries.

    It may be more about having your PT change what you do rather than seeing them more often.  Have them check out your current training and nutritional regime and tweak things around a bit.  This is probably the best most underrated benefits of any PT in the life of well trained individual or athlete.

How much PTs charge

Personal training prices

Entrants pay PTs directly for their services.

We can’t give you one specific price for PTs as they all charge differently but on the upside, that does mean you can shop around to find a PT who’s budget and session times suits you.

To give you an idea of some prices:-

a) large group training sessions (over 12) with a PT typically range from $5 to $15,
b) small group training with 4 or 5 others around $20 – $30, and
c) one to one’s, i.e. just you and them, anywhere from $30 to $125.

Please feel comfortable talking to several PTs about their prices and packages and your budget before making a decision.

How much would you have paid?If you’re in doubt that you won’t be able to afford a PT then consider the money you’ll save!

Clients have told us they regularly save between $40 and $120 a week by getting involved with the challenge, using a PT and incorporating new healthy habits.

And if you’re wondering if previous entrants got good value then Click here  to see what a 100 of them said about that!

How to choose a PT

Choosing a PT

Any PT can support you on your 20 Week Challenge™ journey providing they are registered with a member body of ICREPs  or the International Confederation of Registered Exercise Professionals .

ICREPs help ensure exercise professionals worldwide reach a minimum standard and continually up-skill themselves.  Each country will have a list of PTs that are appropriately registered that you can search for PTs in, for instance:-

NZ = REPs 
Australia = Fitness Australia
Europe = EREPS

It doesn’t cost PTs anything to register with us and they are normally super happy to support people on this challenge:-)

Our 8 top tips for choosing a PT.

Apart from being ICREPs recognised we’d also suggest considering these factors.

No.1: Location.

Generally, the closer your trainer is to your home or workplace the more likely you will be to see them.  If parking is an issue for you then be sure to choose a place where it isn’t going to be.

No.2: Support.

If your friends or family are already training with that PT you’re more likely to succeed if you do too simply because you will all be on the same page when it comes to say dietary issues or training regimes and times.  Alternatively you could always have your family or friends to join up with your PT.

No.3: Results.

If you’re keen on getting results then ask them to show you the results of their other clients.

No.4: Reviews.

Ask your PT to show you testimonials from their other clients or even better ask if you can have a chat to a few of them.

No. 5: Do you get along?

You don’t always have to ‘like’ your PT, although chances are you will, but you do need to trust and respect them and be willing to follow their lead.  It might be helpful to ask them about their philosophy on training, nutrition and motivation as well as their qualifications and experience and ensure it gels with you.  Ideally and even better trial them for a session or two.

No. 6: Costs,  packages and services.

Ask about additional costs and services.  Some PTs do weekly walks with their clients, monthly seminars and yearly retreats.  Others may supply you with home fitness equipment and access to all their resources. Some work with a wide array of other specialists. Find out about the stuff they do and don’t do and think about how those things may help you achieve your goal.

No.7: Then go think about it.

Interview other PTs, ask your friends etc and go back with questions or queries. Rest assured you can always change PTs during the 20 Week Challenge™ too.  It rarely happens but when it does PTs understand, they totally get that some clients click better with other PTs for all sorts of reasons.

No.8: Listen to this.

This is an interview with the CEO of the Exercise Association of New Zealand, Richard Beddie, and it’s a really useful bunch of tips around choosing PTs as well as facilities.  Click here to listen.

When to choose your PT

By when?

Ideally you need to secure your PT before the challenge starts.  That will help them and you.  The latest date for you to find a PT is May 21st, 2017.

Ready to enter?

Personal Trainers keen to support entrants click here

If you are a personal trainer registered with a body recognized by ICREPs then you can help support our 20 Week Challenge entrants or enroll your own clients. There’s no fees if you’re keen and lots of other cool benefits.  Register here to read what the other PTs say about it all and how you can jump on board