The 1st Team Challenge 2014

The First Team Challenge – The Roxx Ride

The first team challenge was to ride 10 km off road in teams of between 4 and 7 people.   With much bike borrowing taking place and cold days to venture out on, entrants were rewarded with new friendships, tales of adventure and fabulous photos to look back on.  Congratulations everyone.

team outspokin team outspokin 2 Team outspokin 3 NP nike Challenge 1 NP bike challenge 2 NP Kareti Bike Challenge Wecandoit end wecandoitlincoln wecandoitbikechallenge wecandoitJodieanliz Peter from wecandoit with his trousers Littleriver by wecandoit The Winter Warriors Team 6 pack bike team 5 pack with horleys Hazel's muddy challenge Team no double chins

three generations with rugby undiesthree generations hoopingthree generations of awesomeness cate graceCDK3LM1 CDK3LM2 CDK3LM3 CDK3LM4Team Mank Bike 1 team prime first aid team prime 6 team prime 3 Ruth bike Grat i dudes bike 1

mission slimpossible 3 mission slimpossible misson slimpossible 2

Don't whine just drink it photo 1 BMT 7 muddy bums team bmt 5 horleys TEam BMT 4 phsyiomed Team BMT 3 - Copy TEAM BMT 2 - Copy TEAM BMT Barb 1 Diamond Fitness bike 2 Diamond mIne bike 1

Andrea and Horleys Y grit with cookies y grit bootoms Y- grit 3 Wakatipu Wahines 3 generations Big Day Out Wakatapu Wahinis team wahini 2 Team Pinkalicous Stephanie from Team Wakatipu bog day out first aid Team Die Hard Lard 5 Team blue touch Ignite fitness Team Die Hard Lard 1 Team Die Hard Lard 2 Team Die Hard Lard 3 Team Die Hard Lard 4 Pinkalicous Nutrifit with Em Nutrifit 3 Nutrifit 2 Ignite fitness bike challenge Ignite fitness and DTC Fokus Fit chickswahines ruth movie

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