Tess’s Story

Beautiful tess in the snow tess on top

Hey! Just thought I’d share a story and some pictures on my 20weeks journey so far.

For the challenge I’ve set myself 20 goals I want to achieve, all my goals are either physically or mentally challenging for me. Saturday I competed one of the hardest goals on that list! I climbed Mount Thomas! 6 hours of walking with a bunch of friends. It was very challenging but I did it and I’m so proud of myself.

During the 6 hour hike I wanted to give up many times but when that happened I thought about this challenge I’m doing and remembered seeing photos of other people succeeding and I wanted to join them!

One big thing I learnt that day was that is that friends are the best and if they are willing to motivate and support you through hard times then they are definitely keepers, I could not have completed this goal with them! And thank you to the guys at 20 week challenge for making me push and challenge myself I’m feeling awesome!!!

Tess is trained by Lynne Watson

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