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How it works

This is how the 

  1. Get ready. Decide on two specific health and fitness goals that you’d like to blitz over the 20 weeks.  Maybe you want to have more energy or less back pain,  run 5 km or a marathon, overcome an injury, learn to swim, quit smoking, sleep better, lose weight, put on weight, be more confident in your own skin and everything health and fitnessey in between, we’ve got you covered!
  2. Get set. Have some ‘official’ tests done to see where you’re at in your two goal areas.
  3. Go! Read a chapter a week from our Winner’s Guide and start training at home, at a gym, in the hills, with your mates, with your pets, whatever, where-ever, however.
  4. Check in. During the 20 weeks have two session/s with your choice of one or more ‘coaches’.  These include PTs, Podiatrists, Dietitians, Therapists in your local area and/or that you are already seeing.  This will help keep you on track and moving forward.
  5. Get re-tested at the end and be stoked with your results.
  6. Win stuff.  We have prizes and awards for winners, finalists and finishers.  Winners are decided on the basis of biggest and best improvements in their chosen category.


  • Entry fee is NZ$159.
  • Early Bird is $119 before April 1st or $89 for previous entrants who get in before April 1.

What’s included in the price

  • The Start Up Guide helping you to prepare for a successful journey.
  • The Winner’s Guide delivered to you in weekly Chapters and recommended by 99% of our entrants*
  • The entry fee also covers the judging process, award certificates and cash prizes.

What’s not included
Entrants pay for any sessions they have with coaches, instructors, specialists etc.

While the costs of coaches can vary greatly, most entrants, even those on a tight budget, can usually be catered for.  For more details about the that side of things click here.

What costs you won’t have
No supplements, weird fitness gizmo’s, pre-packed meals or infomercial thingies and you don’t have to join a gym, hire or buy any home fitness equipment.

Sometimes some of those things can be helpful for some people but we don’t sell any of them and we don’t receive commission or kickbacks from any places that do.

Apart from saving you lots of dosh our very independent status also means our information can be ‘pure’,  unbiased and 100% about your success.


  • The prize money in 2018 consists of 10% of all entry fees which will be divided among all winners.
  • Winners are chosen by judges primarily on the basis of having the ‘biggest and/or best improvements’ which we need to point out is quite a different and way more complex judging process than simply choosing entrants who rock out the best end result, as awesome as rocking out the best end result is.  It’s a process that also recognizes improvements may be incrementally smaller in people of higher fitness levels.
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