20 entrants tell us why they signed up Youre-Not-Alone

  1. To run and jump with my children. Have a photograph with my family and not cringe at how I look.
  2. Fitness, strength, confidence and to prove to myself and everyone who told me I can’t, that I can do it.
  3. I would like to become the best possible ‘me’ in this competition. To get back what I have had/lost and to prove to myself I can do it!
  4. Increased stamina, lose my belly fat, less back pain from tight hamstrings. I have labral tears in my hips so increased core strength would be awesome.
  5. Guns!
  6. To change the way I think about exercise, to meet new people and to help reduce my depression/anxiety. I would love to learn to jog safely!
  7. Maintaining my achievement of last year. Knowing that throughout life’s obstacles you can still achieve your goals.
  8. Improved balance and be able to hula hoop
  9. I will achieve the personal goals I have set for myself, while gaining new skills and knowledge. I will live, learn and fail, but I will pick myself back up and come back stronger than before. I will start living the life I have always wanted to have, but never had the confidence to live. I will continue on the path I set out on before but this time I will reach my destination, why? Because I am worth it.
  10. I would like to get fit have fun along the way try to show others that you can exercise and have fun doing it and that we all can get out there and try new things. I would like to try and drop my body fat down and just live a much healthier lifestyle in my old age.
  11. Get into healthy weight range, keep fitness up, tone up, improve hip flexibility.
  12. To be the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been in my life.
  13. Increase body strength and up my fitness for the Spring Challenge. Also tone body up and lose weight
  14. I want to feel better about myself by ensuring I put myself first by exercising on a regular basis and also by taking action to improve the food choices I make.
  15. To lose the last few kgs and get a good start on my marathon training.
  16. Confidence with new skills/adventures, situations etc, pushing the boundaries in life out a bit further, meeting new people. Enjoyment and fun. Weightloss.
  17. Get back on track with my fitness and be as fit and light as I became during the 20 Week Challenge and stay on track the whole duration and then maintain it afterwards.
  18. I want to be able to get to the top on all of the climbs at clip and climb.
  19. Gain confidence, self love and strength as well as improve my fitness. I want to not feel like the biggest person in the room.
  20. So I’ve entered into the 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition this year. This isn’t a weight loss competition this is a 20 Week Challenge where you get to choose what you want to achieve. Whether it’s a better overall body shape, lifestyle changes, flexibility, balance, or a host of other categories. You select 2 categories which appeal to you and they become your focus. I’ve chosen abdominal and strength (handstands and arm balances!). The beauty of this challenge is that any weight loss, muscle gain or changes in body shape are a bonus. There are no gimmicks, no extra supplements, gym memberships or hidden costs. The only commitment is an entry fee and then you choose a personal trainer who you check in with and pay per session. You have to commit to seeing them a minimum of once per month. My two reasons to entering this competition aside from the body changes I would like are to a) develop an awareness with my relationship with food and b) be accountable to someone whilst achieving my above mentioned goals. As I love my yoga practice and don’t want to join a gym I will set a program with my trainer that includes my practice and perhaps start to re-integrate some gentle running back into my life. I’m really looking forward to having a program to stick to and someone to check in with and learning more about myself through this journey!

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