So what have entrants said the 20 Week Challenge is worth?

Read what entrants told us they would have paid to get the results they got from doing the
20 Week Challenge ™.

Gender Initials What would you have paid?
Male AL $1,000
Female JG $1000’s
Female JW $1,000
Male RM $1,500
Female SM $2,500
Female JH $1,000
Female GB Priceless (Probably hundreds of dollars)
Female SH priceless!
Female KS could never put a price on and certainly couldn’t afford it
Female AJ Millions!  If I had it….
Female JS $1000 – incl PT
Female EB $5,000
Female DM Priceless!
Female AR that is a hard question! $70 a week
Female MD Anything :)
Female ME $1,000
Female JS $600
Female DT $2,000
Female SC What I currently pay $45 per week for gym circuits
Female JW Easily $100/week.
Female CC You can’t measure it in $ terms
Female PB making the biggest health discovery of my life is priceless
Female AT $1,000
Female RR new wardrobe!
Female SW I don’t think a dollar amount can be put on motivation
Male DC $5,000
Female CP $1,000
Female RS $1,000
Female RM There is no price, i would have paid as much as i could afford
Female AJ Impossible to quantify
Female JB $2,000
Female KS no idea – I most likely wouldnt have tried.
Female RN priceless
Female CM priceless
Female WP $3,000

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