Sprint to the Finish

Normally reserved for current entrants this year we’ve opened up the Sprint to the Finish to everyone, entrant or not. Give the Sprint a go in the month of August and you’re all in to win Lauren Parsons new book, ‘Real Food, Less Fuss’.

This year one of the Challenges in the Sprint includes making lunch for a buddy and we’ve included three recipes from Lauren’s new book to get you excited about the idea.

How to play

Sprint to the finish1. Download your Sprint worksheet here.

2. Instructions are on the sheet.  The only difference is that if you are not an entrant this year you simply need to send catchfitness@gmail.co.nz a copy of the completed form by September 18th.  A photo of it is fab and fine for that purpose too.




Earn an extra brownie point in your Sprint for making one of these recipes, for your buddy or yourself, during August and..

a) posting a picture of it on social media  with #realfoodlessfuss (or email it to us to do), or

b) sharing one of the official pics and recipes on your own Facebook page with #realfoodlessfuss – just be sure to tag us in as well or #20weekchallengeLauren's chicken recipe

Lemon lime

Mason Jar Salads