Toni Ferris

Toni Ferris

Alex Stephenson

Before 150kg After: 145.6kg

Before 134cm  After: 122cm.

Before 159cm After: 150.5cm

Wall sit
Before 12secs: After 3mins

Push ups
Before 30 After 49

Massey Stairs
Before Stopped 8 times
After No stopping

Biggest and best change for me, at the start my 10yr old daughter could not fit her arms around my whole body, now she can!

Sitting one cold morning listening to Classic Hits I heard them mention about a Catch Fitness 20 Week Body and Lifestyle competition. This got me interested in finding out more about it so I headed over to their website and checked it out. Now after reading the description I quietly told myself, what’s the use entering? There is no way I would win! But after procrastinating for half a day I decided, why not give it a go. You can’t win if you don’t enter right?

Picking up the camera and taking a photo to send in was hard. I have always hidden behind the camera. I filled out the entry form, uploaded the photo and the long wait began.

I remember April 21st very well. 4pm the phone rang and it was Richard Dryden. “Congratulations you are our second entrant in the competition.” I was speechless. WOW I had been given the most amazing opportunity. This was the start of my new life!

I emailed Alex to arrange a time to meet him. After checking out his profile on the Catch website and seeing his photo I was a little bit scared to be honest to meet him. I don’t know what I was scared about because the first meeting was great. He made me feel at ease and we had a great talk about what I wanted out of the competition and what he could do for me to help me achieve my goals.

I was prepared to give this 100% from day one. The first week of training was hard but I pushed through everything Alex gave me. After hearing a few people talking about the Massey Stairs I asked Alex if I could give them a go. Off we headed and WOW! I was not prepared for what was to come. My very first time attempting these stairs was hard, really hard. I had to stop around 8 times on the way up as I could not keep my breath and my heart was pounding in my head. I got to the top regardless and made myself a promise that by week 10 of the 20 weeks I would get to the top without stopping. Unfortunately into week 5 I injured my knee. This put the stairs out of my training for a few weeks. It also took my legs out of training as well BUT I said to Alex, “Upper body I can still do”. And so we did. Back into leg work and we started the stairs again. Making progress each week I was very happy when I reached my goal at the end of week 9 a whole week early. Goal achieved. Now to set new goals and the next goal for the stairs to do them in under 3mins by week 20. I achieved this in week 18 with 2.57mins. Week 20 and the time stands at 2.50mins.

What Toni’s trainer said
Toni you have been absolutely amazing over our time training together. You have continued push yourself hard through all the tough times especially with injuries and sickness. You never had an excuse for something I asked of you and you never said no. It was the first 20week challenge for both of us and think we both learned a lot about not only ourselves but one another. Your continual drive throughout this time has really impressed me, you have been enthusiastic toward any challenge I have set and gone so far to make many more challenges and goals to complete for yourself; goals that at the start of this you might never have thought possible.

Your shift into a healthier eating and overall lifestyle progressed a lot and will continue to do so. Consuming more fruit and veges as well as slowly reducing those naughty foods.

I have enjoyed training you and I’m glad we will be catching up every so often to check on your progress and hit those stairs. The physical changes that have occurred are obvious with positive results in body shape and weight, and strength and functional ability, but also your focus and drive (mental ability) have gone from strength to strength.

I feel that I have become a better Personal Trainer with your help and I hope that I have helped you too. You have thanked me for my help but I have to keep reminding you to thank yourself. You are the one who has pushed themselves and the weights, who has run the stairs, jogged the track, worn the weight vest and sweated the sweat. I have only been there to help guide you on the path you have chosen.

One of the bigger things I think you could take away from this is that you have learnt not only to take instruction but also take initiative. Your ability to control your own training and know how and why what it is you are doing works. Your knowledge on exercise training, nutrition and what best suits you has improved dramatically.

If you continue to do as you have throughout the last 20weeks Toni your future is looking very bright indeed, the platform you have set for yourself is a great foundation for your new self.

Along this whole journey I have amazed not only myself but others around me with achievements I first thought unreachable. I completed the stair’s, I completed mini challenges, the hardest one being to pull my weight 20 metres. Pulling 147kgs was not going to be an easy feat but with determination and spirit I did it, 20 metres there and back.

I am now fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my entire life. Doing some things now at 41, that I have never EVER done in my lifetime. I was told 22 years ago that I would never play netball again, WELL I proved them wrong by playing my first game since then during the 20 weeks, an awesome feeling to have. I also achieved another great feat. I had never, not even as a child been able to run a whole lap of a running track. Well I have completed this as well.

One of the things that I have gotten out of this whole experience is that excuses are there to stop us. Get rid of the excuses and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I no longer make excuses, even when injured I still trained. My knee didn’t work properly BUT there was NOTHING WRONG with my upper body. I was sick with the flu and although I stayed away from the gym I still worked out at home.

The 20 weeks have only been the beginning of my journey. I am now on a life long journey towards a fitter and healthier person.

I have Classic Hits, Catch Fitness, Massey Rec Centre and last but by no means least Alex to thank. Alex has been the drive behind my new lifestyle, pushing me to boundaries I did not know existed. We have both shared in successes along the way. Bring on the rest of my life and also bring on next year’s 20 weeks when I will do it all again.

Hi I am Toni’s husband Terry
I would just like to say that over the last 20 weeks it has been wonderful to see the change in Toni’s attitude towards becoming fitter and healthier. This competition has given her the drive to push forwards and make goals she never thought achievable. Thank you to Catch Fitness, Classic Hits and Alex. I still have my old wife but now she has a new attitude towards life and her future,

A few words from my children
We now have a mum who gets up and plays games with us. She has so much more energy. Mum is now happier and always talks about going for walks and exercising. Thank you for our new mum, we love her very much and are so happy for what she has achieved.

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