Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy Trainer
Freya Thomson

Starting Weight
142.5kg, finishing 120.7kg  – difference 21.7kg

Abdomen Circumference
Start – 138cm, Finish – 116cm  – difference 22cm

Starting – 4 Finishing – 27

Coopers Test Jogged first 50 meters walked rest of way. Finishing result – ran whole way and added 260m to her distance

My husband originally heard about the 20 week challenge through Classic Hits and said he was going to enter it. He said that I should do it too. At first I said no way, I was never going to expose myself to others and have them know what was so personal about me. Over the next few days I thought more and more about it and decided that I needed to stop living in fear and just do it.

I remember even trying to decide on a photo to put up. I didn’t want to show any photo that would show the public what I really look like. I chose a photo that I thought made me look quite thin. All my life since the day I was born I have been overweight. I can never remember ever being the same as other kids or adults.

The following story is an example of what my life has been like. I remember my first ever job when I was 15 years old. I knew the two other girls and one day asked my boss why she chose me and not one of the other two girls who applied. What she told me has haunted me for years. She said and no word of a lie, I chose you because your fat and you wont distract the boys out the back! Since then, I have lived with a wall that I put up every day to tell the world ‘I am okay’ and I dont mind being big. The truth is, I hurt everyday and I hate it.

When I won the challenge with Classic Hits, I truly knew my life could be different. I knew this was my chance to change and that is what has kept me going even when I was in pain. I was petrified meeting Freya and I felt like I was going to be sick. I have never felt so exposed in my life. She was amazing but internally I just wanted to get out of there. I had to push myself to go back again and again to see her. I was diagnosed with tendonitis at week 6 and was advised to stop high impact exercise. My ankles have put me back since then with alot of cardio exercise but I have pushed myself with the aid of medication. What I know in my heart now, that I can do it. Freya made me see that when she pushed me beyond where I wanted to go. She has so much knowledge and she is exactly what I needed. She is tough but so am I and she showed me how tough I can be. I feel that I can stand on my own two feet and keep this journey up. I am still big and need to lose alot more weight but I will do it. Gone are the days of feeling like a victim to my weight and now I take charge. I am still scared because I want it so badly, and I have spent many many years with bad eating and exercise patterns. I am realistic that 30 weeks isnt going to change me completely but I reckon I have the best chance ever now to keep it up and that is what I intend to do.

I want a pair of levi jeans that I have never been able to buy. I want to wear a size 14. I want to feel like I am just like everyone else. There are so many people that have supported me. Other than Freya, the number one person is my husband. He also signed up to do the 20 Week Challenge and has worked along side me to achieve his goal. I am proud of him for pushing himself and helping me even when I was down in the dumps and felt like I had such a massive journey ahead. I am proud of myself for sticking at it and not giving up. I love how I feel right now and know that I love it even more as I continue to lose weight. My next challenge is to make it to the 1 year’s anniversary on 11th February 2012 and to see what I have achieved by then. Thanks to the 20 Week Challenge, Classic Hits, Elite Fitness and Massey gym for their sponsorship. A special thank you to Freya who just kept pushing me and shared in my successes along the way.

What Susan’s trainer said
Susan has been a superstar in the gym. Never saying she can’t do it (even though she is showing a look of pure terror on her face), and gave everything 250%. Susan first came to see me in February as a self-conscious, morbidly obese individual who was terrified at the concept of being in a gym, working out, and having people know just how much she weighed. In February Susan weighed 142.4kg with a body fat percentage of 38.8%. Her goal for the competition was to lose 20kg, the deal being if she achieved it she got to train me and get her own back.Not only was she morbidly obese but her waist circumference of 125cm increased her risk of heart disease and other obesity related diseases. 30 weeks later Susan comes strutting into my office wearing tight fitting clothing and standing tall.

Not only has her body shape changed, her whole persona has changed as well to a much more confident person and is proud of herself. Her tests show that she did achieve her target weight, losing 21.7kg in 30 weeks. She was so excited I had to get her to sit down for 5min before taking her resting heart rate and blood pressure and still got a high reading. Susan also managed to drop her body fat percentage by 14.4 %,this works out at 15.2kg of fat! Although still obese at 33.2% she is moving in the right direction and is earning years to her life with every kg dropped. Susan lost a total of 118cm from her body, 22 of these from her abdomen alone and an impressive 14cm from her waist.

These results are obvious when looking at her before and after photos. Her side on view shows how her face shape has changed, her neck is more defined, and her posture is much better. I also love how her top hangs around her hips now instead of being stretched over.

The Prizes
At the start of the competition each of the two Classic Hits 97.8 entrants won a 20 Weeks of Gym membership Susan’s was with (Massey Rec Centre) and 20 weeks of treadmill hire from Elite Fitness, 20 weeks of training with personal trainer Roger Symes and an entry into the 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition. At the end, the winner of the Classic Hits comp, which was SUASAN, won a Photography Package from Kim Stork Photography valued at $465, a relaxing foot soak, full body massage and an indulging scalp massage valued at $150 from Korrene Robinson Skincare, a three course dinner and drinks for two at ‘The Gallery, valued at $150 as well as a $100 bouquet and $50 voucher from Forget Me Not Flowers and from Red Hair – a designer restyle & colour, conditioning treatment , lash tint , brow tint and blow wave by one of their senior stylists valued at $250 and to top it all off, a skincare package from Hardy’s valued at $220.

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