Susan Blackburn

susan BFinalist Horleys Overall
Body Shape

2014 Trainer
Jo Stark

My aim at the start of the challenge was to come away knowing that I could at least do 1 sit up, tone up a few flabby bits of this body and get into a healthier eating habit, also to have more confidence in my own ability.

I am so surprised at what I have achieved over the last 20 weeks – I have completed:

  • The 4BY4 Challenge
  • Roxx Team Challenge
  • Tri July Challenge
  • Sprint to the Finish

I can do lots of sit ups, press ups, lift weights, box and so much more.  My husband and I have a healthier eating habit and both of us have lost weight.

Highlights for me are the moments when I achieved my first sit up the excitement in being able to do this was fantastic.  Completion of the swimming challenge, managing to build up to 20 laps, I found myself saying to someone “I just swam 20 laps” it sounded like it was so easyJ Jo Stark my personal trainer put me through some tough sessions each week and sometimes when she asked to do something I would say to her “I can’t do that” but I always did do it, she knew I could.

Another highlight for me was the day that I had to go and buy myself some new undies as I had lost weight.  Sorting my wardrobe, I left this till about week 18 even though my clothes just didn’t fit.  I went out and brought a pair of jeans and a new top it was great to wear something that actually fitted.  My wardrobe did have a few more pairs of jeans that I had pushed to the back thinking that I would never wear them again only to find that they I could get into them.

Over all I have achieved far more than I could imagine and this could only be done with the love and support of my wonderful husband Kevin, and my family and friends encouragement.  A big thank you to my PT Jo Stark and to the team of the 20 week challenge for setting the challenges.

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susan and hubby kevin