Diamond Mine Jewellery Best Overall Entrant Award

Cher Hunter

Sharron lost 92 cm over the 20 weeks and a whopping 25.2kg. With a cheeky smile Sharron says she can now shop in ‘a normal person’s store’ and that the whole event was amazingly organized. I think the challenge is just wonderful and would like to enable everyone to give it a go.

I used to have an excuse for everything, a negative remark and a very judging eye. It basically consumed me. So my advice is to let go of all the excuses, of all the reasons why you cannot do something – because I think you can. I know that is scary to let go of your excuse blankey but it is really very liberating and is a great weight off of your shoulders when you let it go. Be true to yourself, accept that you are on a journey and enjoy it.

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