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Jo Stark

My job is incredibly sedentary and weight gain has been a real issue for over 15 years for me. I had gained over 33 kgs in this time and lost all my fitness and body shape and was feeling really desperate about my personal health and heart issues with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

As I’m now 43 I was concerned that I would follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and die of a heart attack in my 40’s, it weighed on my mind constantly while trying to exercise and at times I felt things weren’t right in that area. My Doctor had also given me pills for my cholesterol and I hated taking them.

It was suggested to me by my personal trainer back in February this year that I think about doing the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge to get over some weight hurdles and a lack of all-round body shape and strength that I was trying to overcome.

The Good The Bad & The Ugly
I started the challenge on the due date with great excitement as it was something I could do for a fixed period of time and challenge myself to see how far I could take my body in this time to make it look more the way I hoped. Nothing could have prepared me for what I would put myself through as I wanted so bad to get my body back. Being extremely competitive I found that you could make this challenge as hard on yourself as you like (or as easy) but that’s not really my style. I put myself in my trainer’s hands and asked for help with weights programmes, food and supplement advice as well as weekly training sessions and daily guidance for all my training during this period. Needless to say the advice I was given was spot on and I stuck to what I was told to the letter.

It was quite a shock to wake at 5.30 am six days a week to do weights in my cold makeshift gym that I had set up and be committed to what I had decided to do. It was enjoyable but challenging as at the beginning middle and end of this journey I was tired and drained at times and the food was hard to adjust to as it was so completely different from the way I was used to eating. At times I couldn’t even figure out what I could actually eat as it was just so not my normal routine. In the end I found that I had to eat more than I was used to however with better foods more protein and vegetables and less bad fats and ridding myself of way too many carbs I started to see my fat percentage drop little by little.

I would tell myself every time I got up for a workout or ate food that it was all drops in a bucket and one day the bucket would be full and I would be where I wanted to see myself.

During the 20 weeks (which felt a lot longer than I thought it would) I went through many challenges both personally, emotionally and physically but the one constant good thing that was driving me on was the enjoyment I started to gain for my training and how much I was getting out of it both mentally and physically, by half way through I was starting to see big gains in my body and was feeling so much better about myself, my self-esteem started to increase and I was feeling great about my life and who I was becoming. I realised I actually loved exercise and started to plan for after the challenge, with my now goal of doing the 2014 coast to coast as I wanted to keep up my goals of getting fitter and stronger and not let it all come to an end at the close of 20 Weeks.

I have loved this past 20 weeks so incredibly much and find the higher you make the mountain the greater the view at the top, I cannot express just how full on this was for me as I really gave it everything I had from the beginning to the end and have gained so incredibly much from the journey. This was way more than I could have ever expected and if I had my time to do it all over again I wouldn’t give it a seconds thought as this is one of the best and most life changing things I have ever done.

I would like to give thanks to Jo my friend and trainer for all her support over this period as she has been there the whole journey and seen the highs and lows I have been through and supported me with expert and incredibly good solid advice as well as inspiration that I could never explain.

End result I am now fitter stronger and in the best shape of my life, I have passed my own expectations of myself and what I could do and look forward to the challenge ahead with the Coast to Coast only five and a half months away.

What Pete’s trainer said
Peter was trained by Personal Trainer Jo Stark from Oxygen8 who was a finalist Catch Fitness Best PT of the 2013 Series. This is what Jo had to say about Pete.

Three words for you Pete, GOLD STAR CLIENT!

Wow what a journey you have been on for the last year. When you started the Catch Fitness 20 Week competition we had been training together for quite some months and you had already lost 20 kgs. You had worked very hard on your diet and exercise up until that point but were ready to take it to the next level. When we took your initial photos in April I wondered how much change you could really make as you had already accomplished so much and were looking fabulous. Well change yourself you did. And radically. Your photos, measurements and strength test results are phenomenal. Your posture is so much better and your muscles…woohoo! :-) Another almost 20 kgs gone, 9% body-fat lost and 102 cm off your body- AMAZING!

I have never seen such determination and commitment in all my life. You did EVERYTHING I told you to and more; workout programmes, supplements, diet plans-the lot. You gave 110% at your PT sessions and participated in all 3 team challenges. I found your own physical transformation and positive attitude completely inspiring for my own training. I know other members of the team were encouraged and inspired by you also.

I’m so proud of you as your trainer and as your friend. Congratulations Pete on everything you have achieved. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your incredible journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing things you have up your sleeve for the next 20 weeks…watch this space I say! – Jo

2016 update

Mike has since entered the 20 Week Challenge™ another two times, each time winning another award. In 2014 he scooped the Em Power Cookie Ultra-Cardiovascular Category and in 2015 he won the Maintenance award and the Mike Catton Adventure award.

The Challenge has made such a difference to his life, Mike has now become a sponsor, promising to take the winners of the Couples award on an adventurous weekend away.

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