Paulette Moana

Paulette MoanaFinalist Horleys Overall Body Shape Category

Freya Thomson

83.7kg to 72.1 (-11.6 kg)

Bodyfat Percentage
31.3 to 23%  ( -.3%)

Waist Measurement
89.5 to 73 cm  ( -16.5 cm)

Paulette did her first race – 10km in 72 minutes

Wow! I can’t believe 20 weeks have gone and how much I have changed over this period of time. A big change not just for 20 weeks but for the rest of my life!

It brings tears to my eyes when I say this, as 20 weeks ago I was a completely different person who would hide behind my body and was so ashamed of what I had become. I had no motivation or desire to change anything and had lost so much control over what I ate and had no energy to even think about exercise as I had lost so much motivation and confidence and whenever I did try I would get extremely sick… and that was it I would give up 

And then… I came across the Catch Fitness 20 week competition with Classic Hits 97.8FM Manawatu. I remember following this with past competitors. I thought I’ll give it a go… I was so surprised when I won and I thought things happen for a reason, here’s my chance to change my life for a healthier, fitter and stronger me…

I have worked so hard and there were days were I thought I can’t do this anymore as a lot of sickness got in the way… but I was determined not to give up and I kept saying I am not going to let this beat me…. Through encouragement of so many people, every week I became fitter, stronger and more confident. My personal trainer Freya Thomson believed in me and this gave me the confidence to be strong and work through the hard times. Slowly my health has improved and I have been able to work really hard over the last few weeks to drop my weight considerably. I am so proud to say I have lost 11.4 kg, have melted 86.5 centimetres off my body, dropped 3 dress sizes and reduce my body fat by 26.5 %. I am so proud and happy that I am now in the healthy weight range after lots of sweat and tears. My biggest achievement was running 10 km without stopping and smashing my time. Never in my life have I walked that far never mind run… Whoop! Whoop! I am now a fitness machine…

My whanau and friends have been so supportive and given me so much encouragement. It has meant so much to me to have this support right throughout the competition. I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you all so much. To all my loyal supporters on my Facebook page all I can say is Wow!!!! I have never been so overwhelmed in my life with over 1000 likes on my page. You guys are so amazing and I have made some wonderful new friends who are living the dream like I am…

I have so many goals for the future as I continue to become fitter, stronger, and healthier. My biggest accomplishment which I have always struggled with is mental toughness and believing I can do whatever I put my mind to. Well I can now say I am mentally strong and I keep telling myself “Paulette you can do this” and you know what “I know I can!!! As I said in the beginning of this competition “Bring it” and I have done that!! Tears roll down my face as I feel so proud of the hard work I have done and I now know there is no going back. I ask myself “will I do the 20 week challenge again, Dam straight I will!!!” So to all my beautiful whanau, friends, and loyal supporters “VOTE FOR ME AS I CELEBRATE MY SUCCESS AND MY NEW LIFE LONG JOURNEY OF BETTER HEALTH AND FITNESS”

What her trainer said
20 weeks ago Paulette was someone who drastically needed to change her life. She had gained 20kg in 1year which was due to several lifestyle factors, as well as being on steroids for medication. A nasty cycle of being highly stressed causing her to comfort eat, over eat, snack at night, and rely on quick processed meals left her with low energy levels and no energy to exercise. Paulette also suffered from sinus related headaches, requiring pain killers every 4 hours. Paulette is a smoker, and was having approximately 10 cigarettes per day. She has tried to quit in the past but due to stressful life circumstances has always turned back to it. Luckily the thing that Paulette had already in her favour was that she very rarely drinks any alcohol, which is one less thing to worry about. However her hydration levels were needing some attention as she was only having 1 glass of water per day but 6 cups of coffee (all with two sugars).

By the end of 20 Weeks Paulette was able to complete her first running race. Our initial goal for her was to complete a half marathon but when she was sick for a few weeks a month out we refocused to doing 10km but running the whole way and aiming for 70min. With her dedication and new commitment to her lifestyle she managed the 10km in 72min (pretty darn close considering the monster hill at the end).

Paulette now rates her energy levels much higher, and this shows as she was able to train late at night after work, as well as train at 6am in the morning for our sessions. I think Paulette will be pleasantly surprised as she continues her weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey to find that what she currently thinks is a 10, could actually only be a 6.

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Classic Hits 97.8

Paulette won her entry into 20 Weeks, a training package with PT Freya Thomson at the Massey University Recreation Centre, all thanks to the good crew at Classic Hits 97.8.