Mel completing the 10 km with a smile

Melanie smiles as she completes her 10km run.

Melanie, winner of the Horleys Overall Body Change category, was once told she had more than 50% body fat and was a “walking heart attack”. When she entered 20 Week Challenge™ for the third time, she had lost 30kg but still had a way to go.

She wasn’t sure if she would take part again, feeling she had lost her way in the middle of the Challenge previously. But she decided to give it a go and signed up to train with Rachel Palmer.

Melanie threw herself into the Challenge, participating in as many group and individual challenges as she could. She changed her mindset around exercise, building it into her life.

Melanie crop pretty dress rear pic

Melanie dropped four dress sizes.

She said:

“To me, exercise was the chore that ‘had to be done’ to achieve the desired strength, body shape and weight changes I desired. There wasn’t much/any enjoyment associated with it…This Challenge I made the promise to myself that I would strive for a no excuses attitude and this behavior was no longer acceptable.  For the first time, I exercised in -5 degrees mornings, headed up Rapaki where the previous night’s snow was still settled, and ran in the rain!”

Unable to run 1km at the start, Melanie set herself the goal of running 10km. By the end of the Challenge, not only was Melanie able to run 10km (with a smile), she had also dropped four dress sizes.

Mel's results summary from kateMels' cardio results

But it is how good she now feels about herself and a positive change of attitude that Melanie has really gained.

CaptureShe said: “The confidence I have gained from my changes, physical and mental, is immeasurable. I have so much energy and happiness in my life; I can hardly sit still anymore. Gone is the girl / woman who would hide any from going out or seeing people…I am always planning something to get out and make the most of everyday –either with a workout session /event or social outing. In fact, my husband can hardly keep up with me anymore and has asked me to stop planning so much so he can fit in a relaxing weekend with me from time to time!

“I want to say a HUGE thank you to Catch Fitness for all the work that goes in to running this challenge every year. Simply put, you change so many lives for the better.

“I’ve learnt so much about myself including how to be proud of myself without the ‘but’ at the end of accomplishing something.

“I’m no longer surviving my life; I’m living everyday with pride, energy and happiness.”