Winner of the Adventure Category 2013

Personal Trainer
Amanda Armitage

My journey started 6 years ago, when I weighed 112kg and just walking up a flight of stairs made me puff. Since then, I have made a whirlwind of changes and at the start of the 20 Week Challenge, I was down to 75kg!

The 20 Week Challenge has allowed me to reach higher, run longer, have experiences that I previously thought were not possible and achieve some amazing things through my ’20 Adventures in 20 Weeks’.

In my mission to become healthier over the last 6 years, I’ve dabbled in a few different sports, but never really managed to stick to any plan for too long before I get injured, lose interest or generally fall off the wagon. I planned my ’20 Adventures in 20 Weeks’ to let me experience some new activities that I wouldn’t otherwise try, pick up some ones that I have previously not given a chance and set some goals that will stretch me to my limits.

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