Gav and wife nicola at end of first challenge

Gavin with his wife Nicola at the end of the first challenge.

When he started the 20 Week Challenge™, Gavin was doubtful it would benefit him. But he teamed up with his wife, Nicola, and they gave it their all. The couple regularly travelled 200km from Invercargill to Queenstown to see their trainer, Di Lauder, and, together with the rest of Gav’s Girls, embraced all three team challenges.

By the end of the 20 weeks, Gavin had lost 13kg, decreased his ‘real age’ by 17 years, normalised his blood pressure and lowered his resting heart rate by almost 40 beats per minute.

gavin cardio results

Gav's body fat levels

More importantly, Gavin felt better about himself, happier and had more energy at the end of the 20 Week Challenge™. He wasn’t having afternoon naps anymore, his pain levels had gone from 8/10 to almost non-existent and he said “I look good”.

Gavin's results

Gavin smashed the awards night, making the final list for two categories, including the couples award with Nicola, and winning two awards. The 24cm he lost off his waist clinched Gavin the in2hula Abdominal award and his results won him the Horleys Overall Body award.

What team Gav’s Girls had to say at the end of the 20 Week Challenge™

Gav’s Girls give disc golf a go.

Taking part in the challenges has certainly been fun and its a great way to keep in touch with other 20 weekers that your PT is training.
If you didn’t do it this year, find some friends or ask your PT if they know of anyone wanting to make up a team and get in there next year!
Cheers from Gav’s girls – till next year!

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