DennisDiamond Mine Best Overall Entrant 2012

Dwayne Thomas

In the later part of the 20 week challenge I realised I was moving towards a body shape that I had considered was beyond me. I now weigh less than I ever have in the last 12 years – since my mid-20s. I’ve had to buy a belt just so that my pants will stay up! My strength gains have given me many benefits in life and I love the results.

Dennis lost some 3kg and 7% in body fat. He not only had positive changes in all his measurements he achieved great improvements in his cardio-vascular fitness achieving his personal best time in the Lake Hood Half Marathon. By the end of the Challenge he was squatting with 180kg, doing 92 pushups and some 23 chin ups.

The most significant change for me over this 20 week challenge is my level of motivation. I have really enjoyed going to the gym and running every week – at no time in the past have I ever felt like this. I know that this motivational shift is part of my on-going personal development and, combined with the inspiration from my personal trainer and information I have gleaned from the 20 week weekly newsletters, I have learnt so much about creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 20 weeks is a great amount of time to fully change unhealthy habits and implement new healthy beliefs and habits that will keep me on track for my entire life time.

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