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Debbie Horne

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Anita Bare

Debbie’s summary to her trainer Anita.

…. sooo much has happened, it’s like another life time ago.

Old life, get up 5.30 – 5.45 am get ready for work, work half an hour in home office, leave 6.45 to start work at 7 am, work until 6 pm, no stopping, lunch at desk, sit all day, very little movement, home by 6.30 pm, straight to fridge to get wine, cheese and crackers to take out to office, sit in home office and work until 1.30 – 2.30 am in the morning. Not normally having dinner – maybe 3 or 4 out of 7 days if that. No water – well maybe a glass every 3 to 5 weeks!!!

Started journey of the 20 Week Challenge, tired, despondent, stressed, but longing for change, however thinking mostly impossible.

The first goals you (PT Anita Bare) set me was sleep, water, and walking.

One week into 20 Week Challenge – first I had an extreme anxiety attack, that woke me in the middleof the night, I thought I was having a heart attack – very scary, and spent the following few days on ECGs at hospitals etc, and then I got shingles, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, one of the worst things I have ever experienced in my life, and it took soooooo long to get some energy, get a handle on the pain, to date still have the odd 10 or 15 minutes of crazy pain a couple of times a day, but only a small patch of sensitive skin left, extremely manageable…now.

When I got shingles, it could have been so easy to throw the towel in on the challenge, but because you were encouraging and I really didn’t want to let you down, (I think if I didn’t know you, I would have not continued with the challenge).

So I continued, and at your suggestion had asked around work to see if anyone wanted to go walking at lunchtimes, and found a younger lady who was an ex power walker, and wanted to get back into some exercising, wow…by week 2 – I was getting at least 3 nights 6 hrs sleep and weekend 1 night 7.5 hour. (That was amazing – one of the challenges I did not think I would be able to meet) , soo tired though with the shingles, but soo much pain was hard to sleep.
By end of week 4 – I was having 7.5 hours sleep most nights, stopping work at 10 or 10.30 pm, going straight to bed, and just getting up early 5.30 or 6 to finish office work. I was working so much quicker in the mornings as I was getting better sleep at night, drinking 2 x 750 ml of water (no alcohol, cheese or crackers… well maybe I had one cheese and cracker, I think I txt you for a pass, as we had friends over, but that was the last.. even now), so with the sleep, drinking water, no alcohol, having dinner, and going for a walk around the top part of Hagley park 3 x a week, meeting with you once a week at the gym I was beginning to feel like a new person.

I think at week 5 – I was depressed as every time I hopped on the scales it didn’t appear I was losing much, and I didn’t want to keep weighing myself – it was depressing.

Can’t remember what we decided to do at 5 weeks, but I think we upped the exercise, and focused on healthy eating. I had been taking left over dinners for lunch, but focused on salads and watching portion sizes.

Week 5 to 10 was life changing – I did almost everything you asked me to do, and started believing what you told me – and really focused on healthy food choices.

Week 10 midway, you took my measurements, I was ecstatic to know that although I was starting to feel great, it also showed with losing weight of my waist and thighs, and my fitness level was up. I was over the moon. And my walking buddy and I had started adding 30 seconds of running every four or five minutes to our walk 3 days a week, (your suggestion) because you kept telling me I could do it, I was doing it on the tread mill in the gym, so I could do it in the park.

People noticed the change in me, they told me I looked good, my skin looked healthy, my eyes looked brighter. I felt confident and fit enough to do the weekend sessions with you and the other ladies – they were awesome and really motivating. I had another friend from work who would walk with me up hills, we did Hackthorne or Dyers pass road every weekend, culminating in doing Godley head a couple of times, and who convinced me I could run Hagley park, (as she had seen me upping the ante, as each week I increased the running from 30 seconds, to a minute to a couple of minutes, as you encourage me at the gym I could do it, and I had so come to trust and believe you, as without you, I would not have ever got to this point) and once we had done the top park, we extended the run to both parks. I think around week 15 or 16 – I was running both Hagley parks – 6 km 3 days a week, then week 17 & 18 was running 24 km a week. By the time I finished the challenge, was running 24 km and I was trying to fit an uphill run – Harry Ells at least once a week, taking me to about 31 km a week..

I am a different person, from when I started five months ago, this challenge has been habit forming and life changing, what an incredible journey…Thank you so very very much, for putting up with me, never giving up on me, inspiring me and encouraging me.

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