David Hadfield

David with trophies

Male Winner
Horleys Overall Body Shape and Male Upper Body

Personal Trainer
Roger Symes

My name is Dave Hadfield, and by the end of the 20 Weeks I will be 48 years old. My goals for this, is to be fitter than I have in a long time, lose weight, gain muscle, and be stronger. But most of all I want to feel better about myself and be strong for my darling wife.

Why I decided to make a change in my life?
I have been stuck in a rut for a long time now, and my life was just as depressing due to my wife (Michelle), having had cancer and treatment over a number of years. We all thought she was in the clear, after ten years, it came back last year. She had an operation to get it removed, but at the beginning of this year, it came back and is terminal. She is stable for now, so that is all good. I thought to myself, I am no good to her if I just let myself go and become a blob, and I was a bit depressed at the time, and turned to food to cover this up, I suppose… anyway pile on a lot of weight in a short space of time.

I started running again, but always thought I could do more, of which I can, and have done in the past, before my wife’s illness, so I joined Snap Fitness. I got a program from one of the trainers and off I went. I saw these posters for a 20 week challenge, and thought about it for a few weeks, and finally decided why not give it a go. That’s where I meet the ever supportive ‘Roger’, so the journey begins, at the weigh in and photos, just seeing those photos of how big I had become, embarrassed the hell out me, weighing in at 98.3 kgs (ugh!).

This is where Roger set me to task. It was a bit of an effort to start with, the exercises and getting my food change right, but I soon started to see some changes for the good, happening at the weekly weigh ins. The weight starting coming off and for the first time in a long time I started feeling good about myself! The pickup I got from this was great, I felt good and had more energy, and looked forward going to the gym and working out, in fact, if I don’t go I miss it! – this makes me laugh, but makes me feel great in all areas of my life.

Well, the half way weigh in was looming nearer, and it was a nervous time for me, as this would tell, how I was doing. Photo’s taken, weighed in… minus 8.4 kgs! I could see the difference in the photos, especially around the tummy, (10 cm gone elsewhere!), which I showed my wife and daughter, who remarked, you don’t have a beer gutt anymore!! This made me laugh and feel great at the same time.

Michelle says I don’t snore nearly as loud as before I started this journey, so that’s a good thing, not sure if it’s down to weight lost or just being fitter. I had to get some new work pants, as the current ones were way too big now and I had no more holes left in my belt!! I also brought some new jeans. Towards the end of July now, and I’m down around the 86kg mark!

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