Corey Lamb

Corey LambFinalist – Horleys Overall Body Shape

Roger (Rabbit)-Symes

111.8 kg to 94.7 kg (-17.1 kg)

120 cm to 98 cm (-22 cm)

Push ups
Started with 20 in one minute to being able to do 50 in a minute.

Jumping squats
Started with 39 in one minute to being able to do 58 in a minute.

So just look at me now! I’m half the guy I was and yet I believe I’m twice the man Yay! What’s important to a man? Power? Money? Standing?

Well none of the above really matters when you hold your first child in your arms. It changes a man forever and family and health is all that matters.

When I had my first child and became a step dad to our second child, I was fit and in the Air Force so had time and energy for my kids and family.

So now we have another child I want that again, rather than what I had become.

So how was I going to do this you ask? Well lets go back to the Air Force I thought. And the reply from them was that I was too fat!! Bugger. I was gob smacked and had no idea what to do and then I saw it, the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition.

But I couldn’t afford it I was gutted. The next day on classic-hitz I heard they were running a competition. Well bowl me over with a giant’s booger!! I won the darn thing!!

So this has changed my life in so many ways and has been a journey I’ll never forget.

Well the hardest thing I have found is being a truck driver doing this. As I start work so early and work in Palmy North and live in Marton. I would be up at one in the morning and be in the gym training by two and the start work at about four. Then some days I could end up doing a 12 to 13 hour day then hit the cardio before heading home. So trying to juggle sleep work and family was really the most taxing thing but I was determined to succeed. Drinking so much water and being in a truck for so many hours wasn’t much fun either. Then the body break downs, illnesses, lack of sleep, but I have to do it, I had that goal.

It was a lonely hard journey at times too as the hours I could train and exercise there was no one around and I had the gym to myself so had nobody to train with or compare my progress with.

That’s why the weekend sessions with the group are so awesome, they really perked me up and kept me rolling.

The progress I have made has been amazing even the little steps like being able to do a sit up without the belly getting in the way.

Roger (the smiling assassin) and his partner Nic were awesome with training and nutrition. I truly believe that I could never have managed this feat without the 20 week challenge and the Catch Fitness team. Tracey (my wife) was amazing keeping the house and kids running, thanks gorgeous! My family and friends words of encouragement has kept me going. My awesome mate Sara who helped me train with boxing circuits and Manawatu George runs they hurt.

What his trainer says
Corey Lamb. When I first saw his photo I knew we were in for a fun ride ahead, lol. He was a very out of shape man. When I read this application story of how fit he used to be and how he had been working in the air force, I had a fair idea of how out of shape and unfit be had become. The truck driving job he now had, had not been a friend to him.

The 20 Week Challenge was already underway and we were two weeks behind because of the selection process. The first time I meet up with Corey I could see a real goal had formed in his mind about what he wanted. Corey wanted to get out of the truck and back into the air force. This was now a burning passion, not only for himself, but more so for his wife and children.

One for the biggest hurdles to overcome was his 120 cm waist. On top of that, the maximum hip measurement for the Air Force health and fitness component was 97 cm, and Corey was sitting at 111cm!

His first fitness test was not what either of us saw coming as we only got two thirds of the way through it before Corey was in the bathroom being very sick. With some time and some reassuring words we got him back on his feet. His story was he had eaten some every bad silk cake as a last pig-out before he start his new journey to health and fitness. I responded to this saying ‘no you are just very very unfit’ and with his cheeky smile nodded his head realising ‘how far I had fallen’.

So bring on the next 18 and a bit weeks after Nici and I held a healthy eating breakfast at one of the local cafes in town for all 20 Week competitors Corey was keen to talk with Nici and after a full assessment an eating plan was put into place.

Corey came week after week to train with me and then on Saturday we had group training sessions. This was a big commitment as Corey lives in Marton which is about a 40 min drive from Palmerston North. He was always great fun to have around and the team gave him heaps of encouragement. Corey was also a big part of the 3 team’s events during the 18 weeks.

As the weeks went by you could start to see the changes in his body shape and his whole life took on fresh healthy glow. In the last few weeks people hardly believe this is the same man that started some 18 weeks ago.

As I write this we have finished his re-test of the fitness test and I must say it is one of the biggest improvements I have seen in the three years of doing the 20 weeks challenge. His loss of waist size, his strength gains, cardio fitness have all be so so impressive.

Corey has now started the re-entry process and we believe he should be back in the air force by Christmas time.

I would just like to say how truly proud I am of Corey. He has been a pleasure to work with and he has worked his butt off and given this opportunity a 110%. Well done mate, you so deserve your results.

Thanks to all those who got together and supported him, friends and family. Corey said he could not of done this without you.

Enjoy your happy and healthy life. Thanks to Richard and the team at Classic Hits for your awesome support and effort.

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Classic Hits 97.8

Corey won his entry into 20 Weeks, a training package with PT Roger Symes plus a training package at SNAP fitness, all thanks to the good crew at Classic Hits 97.8.