Cheryl Dunick


Finalist in the Overall Diamond Mine Award

 ‘Dynamite Fitness’ also won The Roxx Team Challenge

Personal Trainer
Wendy Hughes

My pants don’t fit!

This has been a problem since about week 15 of the 20 Week Challenge but until recently I didn’t really have the confidence to believe it has actually happened…they don’t fit and they are no longer wearable…I am just too small for them…woooohoooo!

I entered the Overall and the Adventure category. To be at the awards night was fantastic, but to see my name up as a finalist in the overall category was a real surprise!

At the beginning of this challenge, twenty weeks looked long…very long…(my job hours were being cut and my beautiful son was leaving home to study – would I manage this as well as trying to do a challenge…) Wendy Hughes (PT) said it is a lifestyle challenge – I thought my life was pretty good but now I think I have a great life – it is 6.30am on a Sunday morning and I am about to go up a hill for a run (I have taken to doing a bit of this lately because I feel like I can and all those wobbly bits are not jiggling as much).

So my life has changed – I have a better attitude towards myself, I hang out with folk like me and I am happier with everything.

The awards night was fab but I forgot to say thanks! This challenge was worth all the crazy (including the hula hooping around Christchurch because that is what one does when you buy a hula hoop on a Saturday morning before Awards night), the challenge has been a great way to get involved with groups of people who are like minded and have hints of madness along the way.

My rock trophy from Team Dynamite is sitting alongside my children’s trophies for their sport.

My pants don’t fit so I have taken to wearing dresses two sizes smaller than I started out on and smaller pants! The efforts that you have gone to in order for this challenge to be so successful are huge, so a big thank you to you and your team! Life at a better pace and with more fun and balance – I think I have hit the jackpot!

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