Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones

Bronwyn Adams-Hooper

I have a tale to tell you…and then the offer of the century!

3 years and 20 kg ago, I did the 20 Week Challenge and my PT excitedly informed me that I had to get on a bike and ride for 10 km! Happily, I smiled and said something along the lines of “over my dead body such a shame I don’t have a bike”. Unfortunately she had that sorted already and had a loner bike for me to use. I should mention here, that at that point I hadn’t been on a bike in over 19 years and had no intention of ever getting on one again.

So off we went and although I felt like I was going to die at several times I finished the 10 km. It took damn near an hour but I felt alive. I’d found my happy place in the world.

I was given the bike by my PT and the relationship full of mutual love and respect was established only tarnished by the fact it was a boys bike and not in the least bit cute. One year and many happy rides later, I arrived home from holiday to discover that Mum and my PT had secretly snuck around and had the bike painted pink for me and so came the birth of Pinkie!

Pinkie has been on many adventures and it was with a very heavy heart that last year she was replaced with Pinkie 9.2. Now Pinkie 9.2 is a dream bike and sadly Pinkie has been relegated to the garage while we decided how she could best go forth and serve her country.

So the latest Roxx team challenge has inspired me and it suddenly became obvious that since this is the challenge that bought her into my life it was the perfect time to leave me and enter someone else’s life in the same way.

So the offer of the century is this:
Pinkie is currently visiting her friend Mike who is giving her a bit of a once over to make sure she is in top Pinkie form. After this I’d very much like to donate her to someone that is keen to get out and show her how to live again. Now this can’t be just anyone as it’ll take a special person to handle Pinkie as she’s not a bike for little girls. I’m 173 cm and she would be too big for anyone smaller than me. She also has a few quirks that just add to the pinkie charm, the main one being that she likes to think about changing gears for a few seconds before actually doing so, but if someone hasn’t been on a bike for many years they’d never notice as I didn’t until Pinkie 9.2 came along. Other than that she’s a wee gem who has so much to offer someone who will show her the love and respect she so justly deserves.

Preferably I’d like her to go to someone who genuinely can’t afford to buy a bike as honestly other than my PT Bronwyn Adams Hooper, Pinkie was the biggest step in changing my life around and I really want her to do that for someone else too.

So have a think and I’m more than happy to meet up with anyone and that them on the same ride I did out at McLeans so I can teach them the Pinkie quirks if they wanted too (obviously they don’t have too).

Also if I can put one more request I’d love to see a few pics of her up on the page so I can stay in touch with her fun outings with her new Mum.

Love Andrea (Pinkies old mum)

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