Important Dates

Dates Week Event
April 1st Early bird rate closes.
April 2nd Start Up Guide starts being sent out
April 30th Week 1 20 Week Challenge officially starts.  Fitness tests begin.
May 21st Week 3 Entries for Challenge close.  Team Challenge no.1 announced & begins.
May 27th End week 4 First round of fitness testing ends.
June 1st In week 5 Solo Challenge  ‘4By4’  starts
June 18th Week 8 Team Challenge No. 2 announced and begins.
June 25th End week 8 Team Challenge No.1 finishes.
June 30th In week 9 Solo Challenge ‘4BY4’ 1 ends
July 1st Week 10 Solo Challenge no.2 The ‘Ironman’ starts
July 23rd Week 13 Team Challenge No. 3 announced and begins.
July 30th Week 14 Solo Challenge no.2 & Team Challenge no.2 ends.
Aug 1st Week 14 Solo Challenge no.3 ‘The Sprint to the Finish’ starts.
Aug 20th Week 17 Final fitness tests can begin.
Aug 30th Week 18 Solo Challenge no.3 ‘The Sprint to the Finish’ ends
Sept 3rd End week 19 Team Challenge no.3 finishes.
Sept 16th Week 20 Challenge officially finishes.
Sept 18th All fitness testing needs to be completed by midnight on the 18th
Sept 25th Cut off date for submitting your fitness test results.
Oct 26th We start announcing the Winners over 8 nights from 7.30pm
Nov  3rd Last night of Awards.