Early Starters 2018

The Early Starters Challenge

Not to be confused with people paying the early bird rate, this Early Starter’s Challenge is for any entrants of the official 20 Week Challenge who want to start a healthy fit regime before we officially kick off on April 30th.

There’s no extra cost to do it and the Early Starter Category winner will also go into our prize pool to share in the cash prizes like all our other winners.

To take up the Early Starters challenge  simple do some initial fitness tests with an official verifier anytime from February 14th and again anytime between May 1st and May 28th in any healthy fit areas that are important to you.

At the end of the official 20 Week Challenge tell us how you got on during this pre-challenge Challenge.

We don’t offer any support or resources for Early Starters other than this template testing sheet to take to your official verifier. For this reason we think this is a good category primarily for previous entrants of the full 20 Week Challenge, but first timers can certainly still give it a whirl.

Have your official verifier contact us if they are unsure what to do, anytime on 0800 000 929 or via catchfitness@gmail.com.