Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions below for both the entrant and additional ones for official verifiers in blue further below.  Personal Trainers need to read both sections.


  1. Applicability of T & Cs
    Catch Fitness™ run heaps of competitions, inside and outside the structure of the 20 Week Challenge™ structure and as far as possible the following t & c apply to all of them.  These T & C must be read in conjunction with the website content.  Basically, this is the additional stuff not otherwise mentioned.  If we’ve missed something important please get a hold of us and we’ll be sure to answer it and add it in.
  2. Catch Fitness can refuse your entry
    Any application to enter the 20 Week Challenge™ can be refused by Catch Fitness™ without consultation with the entrant and/or deactivated at any point during the challenge.  All entry fees paid will be refunded if Catch Fitness™ turns down an application or removes an entrant from the Challenge.
  3. Official Verifiers and coaches must be appropriately registered
    All Official Verifiers must be registered with:-
    1) Catch Fitness™ by May 21st, 2018
    2) PTs must be a member of ICREPs (International Confederation for the Register of Exercise Professionals) by May 21st, 2018.
    3) All other ‘coaches’ must be registered with their appropriate body by May 31st, 2018.
    4) Failure of an official verifier to be registered means an entrant will not be eligible for any prizes or awards.
    5) It is the responsibility of the entrant to check that their official verifier is registered.
  4. Finding your coach
    It is an entrant’s responsibility to find their own Official Verifiers and/or Coach.
  5. Standards
    We do not guarantee the service or advice of any Official Verifiers or of any Approved Affiliate Professionals.
  6. Disqualifications and non-acceptance of official verifiers
    Just because a Official Verifier or ‘coach’ is registered with an appropriate body does not mean they will be automatically accepted by us. They still need to for instance to agree to our standards of communication and professionalism. If we do not accept your chosen coach/es we will refund you your entry fee in full. Catch Fitness ™ can disqualify any official verifier at our discretion at any time for not being professional or communicating with us in a timely manner.
  7. Conflicts with your official verifier or coach
    All issues, problems, questions you have relating to your coaches services should be discussed with your them first.  If you are unable to do this or your issues are not resolved please contact Catch Fitness ™with your concerns.
  8. Changing coaches during the challenge
    You can change coaches at any stage providing they register with Catch Fitness ™.
  9. Submitting results
    All entrants will be required to submit an online report and feedback about the Challenge by a set date in order to be eligible for an award or prizes.
  10. Winning stuff
    Catch Fitness ™ reserves the right to alter any prizes and to re-gift any prizes not claimed within 30 days.
  11. Judges
    The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into about their decisions.
  12. No prizes are exchangeable or transferable for cash unless otherwise stated.
  13. Publicity
    The winners may be required to take part in publicity for Catch Fitness™.
  14. Privacy
    All material supplied to Catch Fitness™ for the purpose of judging or otherwise is the property of Catch Fitness™ and may be used for promotional purposes or similar, by ourselves and/or our sponsors, unless otherwise agreed.
  15. Photographs and videos
    Entrants and coaches need to have permission to pass on any photographs or pictures to us. Entrants grant a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to Catch Fitness™ to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition, unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of submission by the entrant or PT. Please note though, we are very considerate before using photos and usually only use ones that have already been posted publicly or obtained your specific consent to re-use.
  16. Changes to the rules
    Catch Fitness™ reserves the right to alter the rules inclusive of but not limited to the start and finish dates of the 20 Week Challenge™.
  17. Accepting these terms and conditions
    If you submit an entry it will be assumed that you have read through the rules on the website and accept all of these terms and conditions and that all Coaches who register agree to support a 20 Week Challenge™ entrants also agree to these terms and conditions and those below.


Part 2 – ADDITIONAL T & C FOR COACHES – Especially Verifying Officials.

These (t & c) terms and conditions are in addition to those detailed for 20 Week Challenge™ entrants above i.e. by agreeing to these, Official verifiers acknowledge that they have read and accepted the entrant terms and conditions above to the extent that they are affected by them.

A. A “personal trainer” for the purposes of being an Official Verifier of the 20 Week Challengeis any personal trainer who is:-

  1. registered as a PT with a body that is registered with ICREPs  for the entire duration of the 20 Week Challenge. In NZ that body is REPs and trainers in NZ need to be registered to Exercise Consultant Level 2 or at PT level, and
  2. paid directly by the client, or 
  3. paid by the health &/or fitness club they operate out of for PT sessions at a rate of 30% or more over and above any gym instructor rate and/or other work they do at the fitness facility and are only paid this higher rate if the PT session with that member goes ahead.

B. Training entrants
Official Verifiers agree to see entrants face to face at the start and end of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge™ to assess and verify the results of their client entrants.   Session duration and content is for VOs and their client to decide.  

C. Prices and payments
Official Verifiers can set their own prices and/or pre-conditions to any sessions/packages/training for the 20 Week Challenge ™ entrants. All amounts for services and/or products are payable by entrants i.e. Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge do not pay any costs arising from any official verifiers or coaches.  Official verifiers must make clients fully aware of all their costs and any conditions associated with their services/products.

D. Communication
Official verfiers agree to reply to all texts and emails within 72 hours to all referrals and inquiries from potential 20 Week Challenge entrants, current entrants and from Catch Fitness™ and in response to any emails sent from us, the 20 Week Challenge™.   An Official verifier may be disqualified for not communicating within these time frames.

E. Feedback forms
Official Verifiers must complete a feedback form at the end of the 20 Week Challenge in order for client entrants to be considered for any awards.  

F. Resources and passwords
Catch Fitness™ resources and passwords cannot be shared unless otherwise stated.

G. Coach of the Series Awards
Awarded to a ‘Coach’ (i.e. PT, Therapist, Nutritionist etc) who in the eyes of the Judges does a stellar job supporting their client entrants through the Challenge.  The judges consider the following in making their decision: –

  • The number of entrants they are supporting.
  • Entrant results
  • Entrant feedback
  • Professionalism of coach
  • Coach initiatives over 20 weeks.