Balance. Do you need more of it?

In 2017 only 13 people entered the balance category and there was no guys in it!  There was however a disproportionate number of guys in the Rocking the Recovery category i.e. the category for people who are injured.  Hmm we wonder if there is some connection here.

I have to admit to being gobsmacked by the low number, especially when there was over 100 people in some of the other categories.

So in the hope to convince a few more of you to jump into this category next time these are some of the reasons why we love the balance category.

Why we love balancing

First up, when we’re talking balance here we mean physical balance, not lifestyle balance, for which there is another category and yes, it’s good to be good at physical balance even if you don’t want to be a circus performer, here’s why.

Barry Balancing

    • The gains are so tangible and easy to see, so yes lots of reasons to give yourself pats on the back regularly.


    • Improvements are often quickly made, over just a few sessions.


    • Balance exercises increase our neural infrastructure and in essence makes us smarter.


    • The best version of a balance exercise for us to do is in fact the one we are worst at – i.e. it’s good to suck at the exercise your doing.


    • Training times are short, due to neural fatigue – so classically I’d have a client have three goes at balancing on a swiss ball say and then we’d walk away and do the rest of our workout and come back to it again at the end or similar.


    • Stability exercise strengthen the structure around our joints which is why these types of exercises around for instance our shoulders can be highly beneficial. Shoulders are not often subjected to ‘stability exercises’ but are often getting injured. So think prone holds on an unstable surface (like Barry below), or just lifting a leg while doing a prone hold, right through to handstands and such.


    • Plus, they burn a good amount of energy at least until we get good at them so are indeed they are fat burning and muscle building.


  • Finally, the better balance you have the more chance you have of pulling off that tight rope walk at the family Xmas party, walking across that log going over the river on your hiking track or taking the alternative rock route, where you need to jump from one rock to another to keep your feet dry or putting one foot on to a step as you get into the bus without the fear of falling.

Pics are of one of our Balance winners from times gone by. Barry who is PTs Sue Twomey‘s client.

You can read more about his fabulous story here.

Barry and his personal trainer Sue Twomey