What now!

The Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge has been amazing.  I’ve never been so inspired by so many people, who have achieved so much greatness and while I hope to one day kick it all back into action, for now the direction of Catch Fitness is on creating fitnessey programmes for our youth. 

Knowing most of you all have fabulous personal trainers in your world already I have no doubt you will continue chasing your goals successfully.  If you want to toss in a bit more excitement I have released a game called ‘Survive’ – deets below.

If you’ve just landed here, and don’t have a PT in your world and not sure what to do now – then below are a few ideas to get your started.

Survive Challenge

One of the programmes for workplaces Catch Fitness released earlier this year was ironically called ‘Survive’,(named that well before Covid19!).  I have now created a ‘Personal Use’ version of the programme as well as a 20 week long ‘event’ around it.

The programme consists of 50 health and fitnessey challenges. Complete any 30 of them to Survive.

You can set about doing the challenges yourself, anytime, in your own time or for an extra $10 you can join in on the 20 week long Survive event starting May 11th (April 13) which means you get a certificate at the end of it.   

The official, optional, extra $10 version really just adds a deadline and a layer of accountability as it requires a REPs registered fitness professional to verify you completed all 30 tasks.  You could do this by showing them evidence of your efforts, like photos and videos, or doing it in front of them, either on-line or in person.  Like with the original 20 Week Challenge the cost of using an exercise professional is extra.

Warning: Survive is a very different journey to the original 20 Week Challenge but if you want to give it a shot here’s the website link and here’s a few deals for all you ex-entrants and PTs.

Winners of 20 Week Challenge 2018 – Use code Winner2018 for a free personal use copy of the programme and a free entry into the 20 Week Survive event.

Finalists of 20 Week Challenge 2018  – Use code Finalist2018 for a ½ price personal use copy of the programme and ½ price entry into the 20 Week Survive event.

All other entrants from all other years – Use code Entrant – to pay half price for the personal use programme.

Personal Trainers – Download a ½ price copy of the ‘Personal Use’ programme using code PT.  (Or there is a Covid19 special  on the site if you want to purchase the workplace package for distributing to all your clients).

Ask your PT

2. Ask your PT. If you’d love to still do something like the 20 Week Challenge, with fitness testing at the beginning and end, and to set yourself 2 or 3 goals to work towards over 20 weeks, then chat to your REPs registered personal trainer. This is totally their area of expertise and if they have done the challenge before they have access to all the content and can use the same categories etc.

Join Stuff

3. Join stuff. Join a club – a running club, karate, walking, hiking, climbing, dancing, sailing, fitness, swimming club etc. Joining a team is equally powerful – think netball, soccer, cricket etc.  Join with a family member or a friend that’s even more dedicated to the idea than you are and your more likely to always turn up in those initial phases but keep in mind, friends are quickly made in these environments so even if you have to rock up solo you won’t be for long.


5. Wearables. Challenge yourself to improve in at least one way every month using the biofeedback information from your wearable. Walk further, do more micro movements every hour, improv your VO2 and your HRV. You could aim to do one workout in every category your wearable offers. If you find you’re not good at sticking to stuff like this you’re not alone but it’s important to then create competitions with buddies or join in on ones run by your local fitness club, programme developers etc.

A note to personal trainers:  As you all know, I’ve always been fine with you using pretty much as much as you like of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge to develop your own challenges. You can use all the written material, use some or all of the 25 category options, you can approach our sponsors to support you, you can run the random 4by4 challenges etc. 

What I do ask is that you make it clear that your challenge is not the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge. This is just to avoid confusion for entrants as well as previous PTs and sponsors that have been involved with us, and/or might now be with you.   

My suggestion would be to call your challenge something else, like the 21 Week Challenge (and do all the testing in the 21st week – something I often wished I could do). Better still put your business name in front of your challenge name, for example ‘Fred’s 20 (21) Week Challenge 2020’ and call things like the ‘4by4’, the ‘2by2’ etc.  Use our stuff but change fonts, colours and deets to brandify it proudly as yours :-).

I hope I see a few familiar names come through for Survive but regardless here’s wishing you all the best for the year ahead.


Broni Mac