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Why is this challenge 20 weeks long?

It’s common knowledge in the fitness and sports industry that somewhere between weeks 6 and 12 of a fitness challenge, training programme  or diet, many people will lose motivation, quit and even start going backwards. Little wonder so few challenges actually go beyond 12 weeks.   The reasons for the drop off are very much physiological and there are easy ways to get through these patches, ways used by successful athletes and healthy, balanced, fit people all over the world. Learning what they are and having the chance to put them into practice will help set you up for life on any fitness regime, no matter what level you’re at.

Reason no.2.  20 weeks is long enough that everyone ends up being thrown a curve ball or two.   Instead of them taking you out, our aim is to show you how to stay in the game and learn how to hit those balls for a 6,  without sacrificing your health.

Why is it in winter?

This is one of our most common questions.  Lots of people tell us they struggle to exercise and stay motivated to look after themselves in winter.  They wish we ran the Challenge when they were more motivated, in summer and that’s exactly why we run it in winter.  It’s when people need us most.

Is it competitive?

Is the 20 Week Challenge competitive?

Heck yes… if you want it to be and not at all, if you don’t want it to be and everything in-between.

You may choose to compete against yourself, or others, or neither. Like every event whether something is ‘competitive’ or not is down to you, not your fellow racers and not the event organisers. Luckily, it’s great if you are competitive with this challenge and it’s great if you’re not and if you want to change your mind at the end, even after the event, you can.

The main aim for us, and you PT, is that you are in a better place than before you started and in that respect, without diminishing the awesomeness of giving out awards at the end, that no-one has to lose for you all to be winners.

The Catch Fitness advice, going into events is to aim to win if that’s what pulls you in to action and don’t let people take that from you but to also find 100 other reasons to be stoked with your effort and that of others regardless of whether you win or not. Be chuffed to not just cross the finish line but to reach the start line. Smile at others who are also giving it a shot, for whatever their reason, and cheer them on whether with a thumbs up on a Facebook post or a pat on the back at race. Know that other people’s choices of how to get through an event needn’t ever affect your choice and finally, that these Catch Fitness thoughts apply as much to a race as they do to the best event of them all – LIFE – and every mini-challenge that’s tucked within its days.

Do I really need a Personal Trainer?

Yes. PTs are essential and we believe key to your success and is what makes this challenge so unique and such a honking success.  Click here to read more about the role of PTs.

When do I need to find a Personal Trainer by?

You can sign up and then find yourself a PT anytime before May 21st of the challenge.  Saying that the earlier you lock in your PT the better.  Not only will this give your PT time to prepare for the Challenge, it means you’ll be eligible to start receiving our entrant updates.  For more ideas on how to pick a PT read the section on ‘Finding the perfect PT for you’.

Can I change categories after I have entered?

Yes. You can change both categories once within 28 days of the official start date i.e. by May 28th. We advise you to wait until you have had your first session with your PT before doing this. You can also change one category in week 16 of the 20 Week Challenge and at any point if you need to, although fingers crossed you won’t,  you can move into the ‘Rocking The Recovery’ category.

What sort of results have others had?

Great ones! Click on the pics below to enlarge and the winners’ stories too.

Improvements Successful on this journey

Is it hard?

An interesting question.

Most entrants would probably say yes, although many have said the hardest part was seeing a PT for the first time!  They worried that they would be asked to do things that were too hard for them or that they didn’t want to do.  The overwhelming response however from entrants was however, reassuringly ‘I don’t know why I was so worried’.  PTs are awesome at choosing tests and exercises to cater for your fitness level and capabilities. They are 100% there to help you, not ruin you.

Some people also told us that changing is hard.  Entrants may not have support at home,  usually they think the changes are too small to matter or they don’t trust us when we tell them they won’t regret making the change.

What we would say is that if you jump in boots and all, prepared to do anything and everything differently, you’ll cross the finish line a winner.  You can always revert to your old ways, but this is your big chance to do things differently for 20 weeks and I’m not talking about cutting out your favorite foods and going to crossfit every day, far from it, we’re talking about doing the little things that add up to do big things.

If you would like to chat with previous entrants about their experiences, and what was hardest for them,  please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll arrange it for you.

What info do the judges need and does it go public?

A report of your results and efforts will need to be submitted to our judges and while all the info receive can be made public by Catch Fitness according to our Terms and Conditions you can ask for anything not to be simply by telling us in writing.

We are also try hard to not post anything ‘sensitive’ without checking in with people first.  If you’d like to get an idea of the type of stuff we’ve done just check out our Success Stories page.  Nb all entrants approved of the content of these pages going public too.

What prizes are there?

We have given away over $20,000 in prizes each year for the last few years but in 2017, for the first time, we’re giving away cash instead.  The prize pool will be made up of a minimum of 10% of all entry fees.  All winners will receive an Award and go into a draw to share in a pool of cash prizes varying from $50 to $1000.

Can I start before the start date?

We’d love if you started on your health and fitness journey sooner rather than later so anytime from January 14th you enter the Early Starters Category just by signing up and ticking the box on the standard entry form. There’s no extra charge from us to start early but entrants will need a) A Personal Trainer to do initial tests from on whatever date you wish to start, for instance if you want to start on January 27th your PT will need to do your assessment that day, and b) then again between May 1st and May 21st  as well as c) at the end of the 20 Week Challenge™.   

Other questions.

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