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We have over 100 testimonials from personal trainers about their experience with the 20 Week Challenge, how it has helped them reap more successful results with their clients and grow their business.

We’ve had plenty of new graduate personal trainers on board as well as plenty with 10 years plus experience. A good number of the trainers are national award winners too and many have joined us for over six or seven challenges.  That’s got to say something awesome!

If you’re a PT, movement specialist of affiliated health professional and would like to support entrants on the 20 Week Challenge while helping to strengthen and grow your business at the same time, please get in touch.

Please note: If you are a PT you need to be registered with REPs, Fitness Australia or other body recognized by ICREPs . Other professionals need to be appropriately qualified and registered according to the requirements of their industry.  Please get in contact if you’re interested to know more –

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Register here with us  and we will send you a link to the testimonials so you can read exactly what trainers are talking about, as well as some more info on how to get started, or call me,  Broni, anytime on 0800 000 929.