I have just joined the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge which starts on April 1st.

According to the rules I require an ‘Official Verifier’ to assess me at the start and at the end of the Challenge in the areas I have set goals in to see how much I improve by and I am hoping you may be able to do those assessments.

The categories I have chosen to enter are:-

And more specifically my goals are to:-

I need to do an initial assessment in the month of May (the earlier the better) and another one in the month leading up to September 26th, to see how much I have improved.

To be an official verifier you need to be a REPs * Exercise Consultant or Personal Trainer, a Accredited Exercise Physiologist, a Physiotherapist or a Physical Education Teacher.

You would also need to register by supplying your email address to Catch Fitness but that doesn’t cost anything to do.

Can you please advise me if you would be able to assist, your prices and availability?

Also can you outline your prices for any other services you offer that might help me succeed on this challenge.

Thanks heaps.