333 Achievements

We lied! We counted and there’s 468 here :-).

Thanks to all the entrants who agreed we could share their re-assuring comments.

What have been two of your best achievements over the last 20 weeks ?
Shelley Cornish Accepting my weight and letting go of the number on the scales!! Wohoo!!   20 Pressups on my toes! Wohoo = who would have thought!
Maree Whiting Strength and recovery from knee op
Hannah Cummins Getting exercise back into my life has been huge for me and makes me very proud of myself!   Loosing 6cm from my bum!
Charlotte Hurst Having the confidence to exercise anywhere at anytime and losing over 1 metre around my body
Sue Hill Loving myself, the way I look and feel with the inches and weight decreasing.  It’s been at least 14 years that I have felt like a prisoner inside my own body. I now suggest we go out for either a meal or an event. The freedom I am feeling within is beyond words I want to scream hey look at me look what I have achieved, I just can’t stop smiling I’m like the Cheshire Cat. But the weight and the inches are more than that it indicates the hard work, the sweat and a great PT?
Rob Anderson Flexibility and flexion in knee again after my surgery   Learning to ride a bike and going out again on small bike rides with my family
NIKKI WINTER OMG I ran 10kms !!!! I lost 88.5cms from my body Yippee
Jane Childs I set a goal to drink no alcohol for 20 weeks and I achieved my goal.  I also wanted to commit to two pt sessions per week and to do all of the challenges offered and I did both!
Jemma Buchanan Boarding a plane to America by myself- for a 6 week solocation!!     Surviving 6 weeks in the states without ending up unwell and in a US hospital!
Anne McClimont The change in my eating has been empowering.  I’m avoiding all packet food now or limiting it to foods with 3 or less ingredients.  But I also approach it with an 80/20 ideal.  80% strong 20% wiggle room.
Laura Page I have increased my upper body strength immensely, which has been a long term goal of mine.    Also, I don’t weigh myself everyday anymore. In fact, I don’t really go by weight at all anymore. I lost 2kg during the challenge but have changed body shape completely. It has really changed my mindset on ‘weight loss’.
Mel Webster Getting records in powerlifting, getting stronger
Cheryl Dunick Sticking to a plan! I had a plan for adventures near home and away…I achieved so much more than last year because my plan travelled with me (I carried my book of walks in the car ALL year, and my list for achieving in my wallet)! I planned to get involved and help our community – the BEST part of my challenge, and with so many positive spin offs for everyone! It felt SO good to be active AND help so many other people along the way..
Helena Cridge I can now ride a bike. Used to hate it but have got over that and can now ride 12 km no problem. Looking at buying a new bike as my current one is 23 years old bought for me to ride to the school bus stop and used to hate it subsequently it’s a bit small for me.     I did a duathlon which I didn’t think I could ever do.
Suzanne O’Leary Running 5km in UNDER 30mins! I’d thought 33mins should be achievable, but Kate encouraged me to go with under 30 (which was pretty much back at my pre-achilles injury pace). I achieved this, had time left that the goal was set for so I did it again and took even more time off it – wahoo!    Actually taking the time to consider my diet, and experiment with what things made a difference to my shape and the way I felt.
Gavin Fair Change of body shape and loss of weight
Jenny Craddock 10kg weight loss! Free from ongoing back pain and big improvements in flexibility   and fitness.
Catherine Mclean weight loss      improvement in my running
Tanya Harrington Donating weight through both exercising (running) and eating foods that nourish my body  Being confident in going out in public…YAH!!
Joy Coughlan increase in flexibility and sorting an underlying health issue
Janette Coughlan My balance is much better – so no falls. As I have osteoporosis this has helped my confidence.  I am much fitter, I can walk up hills and steps I wouldn’t have attempted before.
Ange Byrne Sleep  Exercise habits
Barry Dacombe Confidence in my shoulders being able to extend my range in particular exercises.  Improved balance and focus through learning how to engage the core strength.
Laura McSaveney 1.) Building my strength back up post carpal tunnel op.  2.)t awareness around food, and portion sizes – cut junk food out and only allow “treats” if I’ve had a successful week.
wendy gaby Beening able to stop taking medication for high blood pressure and no longer having a high blood pressure problem. Completing a 10km run in 55mins
Lilly Down 1. Playing my first ever season of football at age 22, I have wanted to do this since I was about 10 – I never had the confidence to start at an ‘older age’… pfft!    2. Appreciating myself and taking time for me, as a people person I always came last. Let’s just say that no matter how crap my day was… I still went to bed grateful for just being me.
Kelly-Anne Cruikshank Managing 25 press ups  Trying a variety of activities
Debra Nicholas Comitting to twice weekly PT sessions for the duration of the challenge.  Being confident that I  am strong enough physically as well as mentally to deal with whatever life throws at me.
Kate McGrath Quitting sugar, increasing upper body strength.
Michelle Pullen My self esteem!!! I just feel so much better about myself….   Energy!!!! I feel like there’s not enough hours in the day now lol I was napping so much when I started
Lorraine Loveridge Confidence, body shape, and feeling healthier and happier.
Alice Goode Going to the gym regularly and pushing myself to complete my workouts
Jane Harris Increasing my running and completing a 10km event with my son Jamie it was one of the best things we could have done together. It was the Ashley Forest Run it is a day I will never forget this day filled with love, laughter and a bit of singing on the way.  I also entered the Maintence Catergory and again was thrilled with the results
Heather Butcher Increased cardio vascular fitness even though I started running less  Getting to know some of the awesome people in my neighbourhood
Louise Brown Getting into an exercise routine and learning how to have fun with exercise again.  Enjoying the feeling after a work out.    Although not a massive weight difference, the change in my body shape and my clothes fitting better was a massive feel good factor.  I have gone on to lose more weight since the end of the challenge .
Wendy Davie Learning to love and nurture myself    Treating myself in a positive way by taming the angry negative voice that lived in my head    Byproduct – weight-loss happiness and greats kind to name just a couple
Kylie Rowlands covering the distance of 25+ marathons in cardio fitness, when health restricted my running it didnt stop me walking – and walk lots i did! and   getting my health conditions properly diagnosed
Dion Martin Losing 10.5kg and and re gaining some cardiovascular fitness both of which has enabled me to look at myself in the mirror.
Karen Bishop-Everett Feeling that I have my ‘mojo’ back    Feeling at ease (and pleased) with my body and all it can do for me
Gemma Pereira da Costa Improving lower body strength   Improving on my fitness running/walking  levels – shaved 5mins of my PB.
Nikki Winter Running 10kms  non stop, a goal that I didnt believe was possible for me  .  Fitting  back into all the clothes  in my wardrobe and many are now too big .
Jason Harris Learning to swim & improving my cardio.
Madison Harris Overall confidence and sleep patterns
Carla Henderson Setting up a photography page and doing physical things I thought I getting rid of my ‘can’t’ voice – the one said I ‘can’t’ do full push ups, or have sugar free days.It has been liberating to quiet that voice a bit!    ‘t’
Marnie Page Being able to deadlift twice my starting point (even though it really hurt and pushed my shoulder injury to the limit). This was really the one thing that caused me to feel that I had lost my strength from my injury and I had to really push through that feeling of disappointment and realise that I was not going to be as strong as I was last year, particularly as I’d won the strength category in last years challenge. I was thankful that I had my PT Ngauru encouraging me along and getting me to realise my limits.    Learning to stop (during the challenge) and do alternative exercises when injury began to hurt, meaning I didn’t incur further damage. Another thing to thank Ngauru for, and her patience with me being so frustrated and trying to push through the pain.
Glenda Albon My personal confidence, & my new positive mindset & self belief that I am ‘good enough’ at what I do.
peter warren Climbing mountains often above 2000 meters in Winter snow and ice conditions  Getting the climbing bug and now having the climbing gear to now do technical training over summer for next winters climbing.
Sally Banks Increase in beep test score – doubled it. Playing a better netball game due to increase in fitness levels and being awarded the most improved player for my team as a result.
Sue Ward Confidence in using the gym.  Fitness and health attitude to healthy eating
Jane Frazerhurst Gaining strength in my lower body – I couldn’t believe the improvement.   Making time to stretch to improve my flexibility
Helen Warren Self coaching skills helping me develop more manageable routines to my day/week.    body mass improvement.
Amy Billingsley Enjoying new foods and cooking    Going out of my comfort zone    Encouraging friends, family and workmates to be active, drink water and make healthier choices
Megan Holmes Having more energy  feeling more in control
Angel Pincott Well the first one was Squats, my maximum is 85kgs. So proud of myself.   Second is wall sit, my time is 13mins. Im so stoked. 😊
Angela Pearson 1. Dealing with Meniere’s disease – not fearing the bouts of severe vertigo that can happen at any time but learning to read the signs my body gives me and acting accordingly… jumping off sky tower was my ultimate challenge… I did it!  2. Starting my smoke free journey… a positive mindset, healthy body / healthy mind… I Can! I will! Watch me! Focus on a better future!
Aaron Clark Reduced body fat & strength
Heleena Simpson Fitting clothes I couldn’t before.  Lifting weights on a regular basis, and improving on start weight.
Greta Spearing Riding up rapaki no stopping  Changing my lifestyle to prioritise exercise
Jackie Cotter The team challenges, and getting an exercycle..and using it!!  lol
Heather Spearing My core strength  Commitment to perseverance with exercise
Kylie Frisby Finished a half marathon by myself. Did 20 full push ups. Couldn’t do 1 last year
Tanya Robinson Loosing fat  Big change in diet (sugar mainly)
James Tait Better body shape, learning to cut back on the bad foods
Angel Pincott Been able to back squat 85kg, so happy with myself.   Doing wall sits for 13mins.
Rebecca Brittenden Getting faster!!  I beat my times from last year for the St Clair and Christchurch half marathons and my 5km time trial went from about 36 minutes to 31 minutes (I think, don’t have book with me so can’t be exact). Also improved my time for the stair test and the 2.4 km run.
Nikki Edge Knee feeling better (osteoarthritis diagnosis in March)    Horse riding again
Lorraine Walker 1) Bench Pressing My own Body Weight  2) Starting & Finishing!
Sara McNicholl Achieving my goal of getting to a healthy weight!    Learning about health and fitness so that I can keep on track with my goals going forwards!
Liz O’Dea Learning to eat the right foods and my fitness level and endurance has improved
Rebecca Scott Becoming 100 times more fitter and completing my first half marathon.
Sheree King Smaller clothing    More FUN time with my family
Sue Sutherland Getting on top of injuries and not giving up because of them  sirprising myself that I had made gains when it felt like I wasn’t making much progress
Donna Stewart-Freemantle Continuing to exercise through challengers at work, family, home, life and in my mind!    Learning that I am getting fitter and stronger as I continue to move. This journey was all about me and believing that I am worthy of the time and the effort that I need to put in to myself.
Leanne Doake Increasing my strength dramatically, seeing some weight loss
Kathy Hansen 1. Sticking and committing to the 20 weeks.   2. Losing weight and increasing fitness over winter.
Jennifer McBride Taking 6 minutes off my 5km run time  Having 80% less packaging to put out in the recycling bin after supermarket shopping. The whole family has embraced eating ‘whole foods’ and planning and preparing at the start of the week sets us up for nutritious and healthy meals. Even the 7 year old has been known the read food labels to see whether it’s a healthy choice or not!
Hilary Blackstock Exercise is a regular part of my day now    I am capable of more than I thought, conquering the Tri July with a massive amount still to go in the last 6 days
Suzy Lange I have loved this challenge! It kept me motivated and exceeded all me expectations. I can run faster than ever before, I really enjoy riding my bike and have ticked off some amazing goals! I feel more confident and happy in myself and my appearance. My 2 best achievements would have to be biking the Dyers pass Road up to the Sign of the Kiwi and being able to run a 4 minute kilometre😉
Chrissy Fastier -I’m much fitter than I was at the beginning, and  – I’m more accepting of my physical appearance than I was in the beginning. I’m loving my body again similarly to how I did before I became ill
Anna Sanford I went from really not enjoying running to really loving it and being able to comfortably run 10km :)    I have become much more aware of my nutrition and am making much smarter choices!
Fiona Mace (nee Murray) Blasting out 6000 full body press ups!  Running 10km faster and better than last year
Anna Sanford Going for HATING and not running much at all to really enjoying it and looking forward to getting out and getting huffy puffy :)    Being much more sensible about my food and drink choices – although I am not 100% perfect, I am much more aware of it!
Brogan Ramsay Completing a BHAG of getting a sub 2 hour half marathon time!    Managing to do more than my age in FULL (on my toes) tricep pressups
Lee Hazlett Gaining strength and lifting weights I never though I could ever lift!
Tina Mongston Having regular exercise, more confidence in the gym and how to use the equipment properly.     Having firm arms and legs!
Emily Morgan Finally accepting the limitations of my injury and that it could still be a long time before I can run again.    Getting back on my bike for regular rides – especially riding the summit road
Riwai Grace Puku has gone down  Allowed to run again
LEE NICOLSON Shifting my concentrated weekly exercise from 1-2  hours a week to now 5-10  hours a week, by now including regular walks, both group and private gym sessions, and adding in fun family workouts with my children – thanks to the text challenges.    Consistent mindfulness over WHAT I eat and drink, and WHEN I eat and drink to now very happily making much more better choices.
Sonya Taylor Biking down Wynyard Crescent  Completing Tri July
Linda White I have had major improvements in swimming (technique, speed, distance without stopping), and I have lost many centimetres over my body through weight loss (which really helped my joint pain).  A much happier me is the best achievement!!
Alice Goode Getting to the gym on a regular basis and improving my health
Kirsten Chapman Completing two half marathons  Being able to increase back squats from 45kgs to 90kgs
Claire Horncastle Realising that life is too short to spend Sunday evenings ironing.  Making exercise a daily priority. I am incredibly busy with teaching full time and tutoring at home for around 18 hours a week but now book my exercise sessions before I book my students. In the past I would cancel an exercise session if that was the only time a student could come. I don’t do that any more. NCEA exams are about 7 weeks away so I am under lots of pressure for extra sessions and the money is good. Despite this I am heading up to Golden Bay for the first week of the holidays for some much needed and well deserved R&R with my son. In the past I would have worked all holiday. We are taking the bikes and the walking boots and plan to kayak as well.
Tessa Barnes 1: Being able to play netball this season.  2: Doing a 100kg Squat!
Rachel McCarthy I ran a 4min 16sec km in the final testing – never thought I could go that fast!  After saying I would never attempt running a half marathon I not only attempted one but I ran my first one ever sub 2hrs – 1 hour 53 mins, stoked!
Melanie Cropp Went from running up to 1km without stopping to running 10km without stopping.    Ran so much (422kms) that I now actually enjoy running instead of it feeling really hard!
Barbara Edwards Helping our teams complete the challenges.  Learning burlesque and performing on stage.
Nicola Proffit Continual fitness program  Did a detox and cut out processed foods
Abbey Parsons Only allowed two?! :)’  Running non stop up Rapaki for the second time and doing a PB on my birthday  Having an amazing active Rarotongan Holiday with plenty of huffy puffy when it would have been easy to flop and drop!
Claire Horncastle Stopping wasting my time ironing  Completing my first 10km and half marathon
Laura McCarthy  Changing my eating habits and totally reducing the amount of hidden sugars I was consuming in food I didnt know that had it for example sauces, dairy products etc.     Consistency! Keeping it up, not giving up and slacking, making it a new way of life rather then going hard out and giving up after a while.
Geoffrey Pearce Increase in fitness and strength
Jacqueline Culling Hanging in there and completing the 20 weeks.  Improving my strength and speed
Toni Ferris I can now walk 5ks+ and do it again the next day with no pain, when at the beginning I couldn’t do more than a few hundred metres without ending the day in pain    I am now able to do a plank without the use of a foam roller under my ankles as the pain in my foot is gone and the strength I have gained over the 20 weeks means I can safely use my feet in the correct manner.
Wendy Pearce battling my pain in my legs and also sugar
Julia Home my relationships with family and friends  my mental state :-)
Alyssa-Jayne Foster At the start of the challenge I could barely run 1km without stopping to walk. I had issues with my legs and feet cramping and my fitness was terrible. By the end of the challenge I managed to take approx. 2mins off my 2.4km time and I was able to run the whole distance without stopping. (Super Stoked!!)    One of my other goals was to loose some weight through the challenge for my wedding next year. While I haven’t lost a great deal of weight, I have lost approx. 7cm from my waist which was my target area for my challenge. So I am pretty happy with this result and I know that I can put the minimal weight loss down to the fact that I have turned some of my fat back into muscle.
Anne Malloch Improving my fitness and strength – I love the way my body can now function and the changes that it has made to my life. At the beginning of the challenge I could not run for 3 mins and now I can compete 10km with ease and will run a 1/2 marathon early next year.     Being able to fit into my jeans – for about 4 years now I have only been able to wear tights and stretchy clothes. I love being able to wear items that I have had hanging in my wardrobe for all this time.
Shireen Spaull Completing two of the 4by4 challenges with my daughter.  Blowing my times of the 3 challenges (Rapaki, Godley Head and Motukarara Rail Trail) out of the water.
Fiona Dixon Achieved 10,000 + Steps each day on my Sprint to the Finish challenge    The fact that I stuck with it for the full 20 weeks (not like last year)
Glenys Taylor Increase in both quality and quantity of sleep from start to finish of the challenge  Became much more flexible than I was at the beginning of the challenge
Sarah Jacobson Change in body shape  Made new friends
Julie Smith my beep test went from 6.4 to 12.4  10km run chch airport marathon personal best time
Michael Smith Saint Clair Half Marathon 1.41.53  Christchurch Half marathon 1.38.45  beep test 12.4 at start 17.13 at finish
Krissy Wilkinson I completed all of the solo challenges – I especially loved trying 4 new exercises and 4 new foods!!    I lost my “mojo” about half way through the challenge, but I managed to pull myself out of my rut and get out the door and I found it again – I remembered why I love doing this :)
Nicola Fair Losing weight   Doing more regular exercise
Linley Fowlie Climbing Conical Hill    Lowering blood pressure tablets
Amanda Voyce I swam 1.5km in one go when my goal had only been 300-400m. And I loved it!    I can finally cross my legs. Yuss!!
sally-Ann Clarke Completing new challenges that I had never done before. Meeting the members of my group -the bod squad
Jayne White 1. eating better, more veges, no sugar  2. lost 15 cm from around my waist!
Kathryn Bruce 5.5kg weight loss  attempted crazy activities like hula hooping and adrenaline forest ropes cours
Rachel Leech 1 – raising over $300 for Queenstown cancer society, I would never have taken part if I wasn’t already on this journey.  2 – changing mine and my family’s eating habits back onto the right track and showing them all that healthy living is the way to go.
Fiona Kenneally Hard to limit it to two!!!  My running – running 10+ km more regularly and with more ease!  Running 1/2 marathon.   The change in my body shape has been amazing!!  Even lost some cm off my legs.  Lost 72 cm in total from my body!
janine branje being able to do pushups when I could do none at the beginning  being able to maintain / improve in all areas of life and while external stressors continued on…..
Bill Fowlie Ability to run 1 Kilometre without stopping  20 pressups in one go
Kate Heyns 1) Confidence!! Being willing to say ‘Yes’ rather than making excuses and saying ‘No’.    2) Weight loss… 8.8KGS!!!
WENDY PEARCE losing the weigh and exercising even when I am in pain.   Finding my way with nutrition and getting something that works finally.
Ethan Marden Improved breathing after exercise  visible change in body shape
Kevin Blackburn Dropping a clothing size  Flexibility
Melanie Evans Exercising every week, was a couch potato prior to the 20 week challenge and being able to play netball after 30 years.
Ashleigh McKenzie RUNNING!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I am a “runner” now! I actually can’t. It makes me want to cry. I can’t remember what I set as my running goal at the start of the challenge (either 5km or 10km) but it doesn’t even matter…I can run 7km at the moment and next weekend (the final weekend of the challenge) I am doing a 10km run in Kaikoura…I swear not even in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible.    Facing my fears with support from my friends and colleagues – bringing them along for the ride. The 4 by 4 challenge allowed/pushed me to do things I never would have done…Rock Climbing (fear of heights and especially falling), Kayaking on the Avon (fear of falling into water), Using a different machine in the gym (venturing into the “big kids” area) and Driving Range – not facing a fear, but doing something I had always wanted to do but never made the time to. The best thing about this challenge (in the month of June) was getting my work along for the ride. I started up a work challenge to get people to focus on their overall wellbeing and they loved it…I also loved having them with me as I kicked a few goals along the way!
Susan Blackburn Over coming my fear of putting my face in the water which has given me confidence to complete my 20 week challenge of getting into a kayak and rolling    Gaining upper body strength – from lifting 3kgs weights to now managing 8kgs plus
Alexandra Cole Running 10km  Leg pressing 120 kg !
SM Being confident to do press ups in public places throughout Europe.    Saving money with homemaking more food
FV learning to count non-scale victories   cutting back on diet soft drinks
IT Planking 4min:42sec  and  7 pull ups
CY Getting running again  Having more energy in the mornings and enthusiasm
LF Achieving goals     Unexpected weight loss on a “no diet diet”    Realising that i do have control over my diet and weight for the first time in 20 years. Very freeing
MO Improving my flexibility and getting into the habit of exercise.  I had to take what felt like half the challenge off because of illness, so although my cardiovascular fitness didn’t really improve, I feel that I’ve now got the habit of exercise, which is more important in the long run (badum-tschhhh!).
KS Trying new things – I have tried foods and exercise for the first time, that I have been sure I wouldn’t like, and actually I really liked them!  I am more confident in myself.
CE Feeling more confident in my abilities  Much better Body shape – and lots of compliments
PW 1. Deadlifting 75kg  2. Squatting 60kg
LH Major swimming improvements via learning to breathe on both sides and tumble turns
DW running 10km with no stopping in 72 mins. When i started i could barely run a km  55 press ups in a row
MH sleep pattern and confidence
AC Increased regular exercise and reduced sugar
KB Running injury free  Going from no push-ups to 40 full
BS Running 5kms  Fitting back into old jeans and weRing shorts for the first time in 2 years
SA Just having a betting schedule
LM Got over my fear of swimming in public.   Completed tri july
AL improvemnet in overall fitness when winter is usually a time for doing t=nothing   improvement in mental health
NN Creating a sustainable exercise routine I enjoy and fits in with my lifestyle  Creating a menu plan full of antioxidants which I and my family enjoy
AP 1. Losing weight. 2. Feeling 100% better about my appearance.
PS Started running and stronger relationship
HG Changing family lifestyle   Making food changes
JC More energy, increased desire to exercise
ED Increased Cardio work and reducing my internal fats.
CG Definitely finishing with less pain and not requiring crutches for walking  A sense that I am as calm and balanced on the inside as I show on the outside
KB – Getting out of my maternity clothes! (was still wearing them 8.5/9 months after having my little one!)  – Swimming 60 laps non-stop, after not being in the pool for about 12 years. My goal was to swim 40 laps – four sets of 10. I worked up to that in the first couple of months and just kept going!
FS My mental health/stress levels- I feel more motivated and positive about life and my self esteem has improved heaps.    Cardio levels- I have loved seeing how much fitter and stronger I am- Now training for a half marathon!
AM Improved lower body strength & mountain biking confidence & speed.    Cleaner eating
LP I learnt I had to alter my goals, due to injury. This has shown me I can try and achieve at new goals and that injury doesn’t have to stop you.     I always find one of the most rewarding parts of the 20 Week Challenge, is working alongside other people who are working hard towards their goals. I just love being part of their journeys and seeing them smile with success!!
AJ 1. Huge change to my diet and how I think about eating. I used to be so lazy but I really see the benefits now of taking the time to prepare good healthy food. 2. Fitness and strength have improved massively. I can run almost 10km with relative ease.
PC 1. Breaking the cycle of dieting and creating healthy eating and nutrition habits for life, banning the scales for 5 weeks was the challenging finale for this goal! 2. Maintaining my cardio and abs activities from the last challenge even though this year has been busier and more stressful, enjoying exercise while on holiday was a real turning point.
JH Getting strong and increasing my muscle mass.
SS Learning to listen to my body and having my boyfriend join me at a session with my PT.
HI Eating less sugar  Running 5k easy  Excersise 4 times a week
SB Getting back into my favourite jeans and looking good in them!  Dropping a bra cup size!
HM My strength has increased more than I could have imagined!   Fitness levels have and are continuing to increase.
JD Improved cardio & cms lost from waist
AB Strength and getting my bounce back
ML Finishing what I started.  Trusting the process & actually enjoying it.
LF Convincing myself that small regular changes really do add up to a significant whole.    Reaching the point where the good stuff is a habit so that I  don’t give up by cheating myself.    Learning how to manage the injury I acquired during the challenge, so that I still achieved my biggest goal.
DC Recovering fully from a knee injury and becoming happy in my skin
CC No jet lag when flying home from Europe  Getting on top of knee pain and getting treatment for it
BD To have run three half marathons and improved my times each one.  To have been part of the 20 week challenge alongside many friends and people in my local community
KF 1) Cardio fitness – Going from being hardly able to walk up the hill at the back of our property to running the entire Kaikoura half marathon.   2) Feeling energetic, healthy and strong every day, makes running around 3 small children an easy task!
AV I rode my bike outdoors despite being almost phobic about riding!    I swam 1.5km in one go when my goal that day was 300-400m
ML To do something exercise wise every week.   To have gotten smaller
LW The sprint to the finish and the challenge at adrenaline forest
DL I am now more aware of how much your diet can influence your health and fitness levels.  It is not just enough to exercise, you also need to be conscious of your diet as well.
EA Stopping antidepressants  Being able to easily fit an airplane seat belt
PP Trying new forms of exercise & stepping out of my comfort zone
JA body shape  weight loss
JH Getting started with regular exercise again and healthier eating….    Running the Pupu Hydro in the time I specified along with completing my 20th Week Goal, a tramp with my son…
KM The 20  Week Challenge is one of the best things I have ever done.  A great length of time and you definitely get out of it what you put in.  With being focused on working on my lifestyle, it has enabled me to fit so much more into my day.  Which in turn has given me the opportunity to tackle my 40 adventure /rich experiences I set myself.    The beauty of this Challenge is you find out so much about yourself.  These are a few of the following things I found about me;  • Cardio at the gym is part of my routine now, it doesn’t feel like a chore  • I absolutely love my Vision board.  I see it daily as it is in my wardrobe.  I love all the quotes, but the one that has kept me going is “If you are tried of starting over, stop giving up”  • Learning to adapt with your exercise.  If my Plan A (exercising in the morning) doesn’t work out, do Plan B (walking at lunchtime in your break), and if that doesn’t work out Plan C (gym  or yoga after work).  Having these contingencies in place also ensures you do something as I am prepared, but also you are kind on yourself if your plans don’t work out…you fall back on the next plan in place.  Worst case scenario…all three plans don’t eventuate for some reason, a rest day is also good for the body.
TH Completing the whole challenge and not giving up, seeing the results with the hard work I’ve put in AND feeling the best I have physically and emotionally for the first time in 20 years!!!! Feeling on top of the world with my confidence  Energy levels
BD I have made a huge and lasting change in my eating habits and lost I have lost 10kgs!
LS Getting my blood pressure down to 130/70  Just feeling great with lots more energy
SM Completing a half marathon and running more than half.  Skipping 500 skips in my final testing.
KM – My overall fitness.  – stronger  – all over lost of weight
TR Changing my lifestyle habits such as over-consuming alcohol and eating lot’s of pies!  Improving my moods and energy levels through healthier food and lifestyle choices.
LW 1) getting back into the pool (not a place I had been since Sept 10 earthquakes!) and improved from 3 lengths and having to stop to 70 lengths non stop!  2) actually loosing weight!  I didn’t think I would loose more than a kilo or 2 and give up, but I actually lost 10.
EH Doing the Clyde to Alexandra 10km run in 1hr 10.41mins and completing the 20 wk challenge
TW Improved health ie blood sugars and blood pressure. Improved cardiovascular fitness ie can now run 1km without stopping, never ran before this challenge. Both these combined make me feel much better about myself.
RW Strengthened my upper back so don’t have pain when working at a desk
AB Regular daily exercise, strength, better eating
MO The 20 week challenge has allowed me to realise that with a little bit of effort and some small changes I can lose some of that weight, that nothing is impossible.  The enjoyment of working out with a great group of women and the great feeling when you leave the session that you have left it all there.
JB Skiing….I was petrified of going skiing…. big fear over come    Maintaining focus and perservering with goals during trying times….all part of life
TB I have only had one trip to A and E due to my pain/nausea been out of control  I didnt need to be admitted to hospital during this challange
WW Getting told by School mums they were jealous of me and my weight loss as I was looking fab!!    Feeling Healthier
NM I remained in the challenge even when life got tough!    Yoga – my flexibility has increased
MK Creating a healthy achievable lifestyle and becoming a much more confident me!  Enjoying exercise and I now actually love having it as part of my weekly routine!  I swam 40 lengths of a pool (25m) Had never in my entire life (that I recall) ever swam more than two – whoo hoo!!
KA completing activities haven’t done before e.g. hill walking, off road biking  feeling fitter
C Stopping the medication and extending my lifespan. Can also now walk and run 4.2ks in the street
CC Keep going even though injured  Balance greatly improved, haven’t fallen over this year
SM Running over half of a half marathon and skipping 500 skips within 4 minutes
KD Realizing that its not about the weight its about feeling better.    Losing 27cm in total.
TB Changing my lifestyle and dropped 2dress sizes
MJ Being able to maintain regular fitness sessions at least 3 times a week.  The great friendships that have been formed as part of the regular group sessions.
LG Doubling a lot of the weights I lifted in my final strength assessment.  Sticking with the weekly sessions with my trainer.
AS Massive increase in strength  More energy and vitality, open to doing more things
JU My best achievements in the 20 weeks has been able to drop my body fat this has been my main goal in the the challenge and I was able to drop it by 11.2 % , I also wanted to gain muscle mass as I  am trying to get good muscle tone and I think that I have achieved both of these things
CH 50 press ups!   Feeling my strength and fitness improve
SD Being my self again
LK My husband (who also did the 20 weeks) and I changed our eating habits during 20 weeks and have continued with these good habits after the challenge.     We have recently been on a short holiday and previously we would not have made exercise a priority on our holiday but while we were away we did beach and bush walks and will continue to include exercise in our lives
KM Can now run 10km  Hold a plank for 2mins
KF Walked a half marathon and stuck to the programme!!! Something I have never been able to achieve before.
SB winning 10k run for 2nd year  being involved in the 20wk challaneg and compleating it
SS Run/walk a 10km distance in 1:19:25    Lifting weights
AJ Managing to do push ups with correct form and all the way down (as far as my boobs let me) before pushing back up.  My starting push-ups whilst a lot of them, were pretty rubbish.  I also continued to exercise daily whilst on holiday in the UK at the end of August and also joined and completed a Map My Fitness challenge during that time to do something on a daily basis to beat ‘average’.
TR Improving my eating and drinking habits and increasing my energy levels and mood.    Improving my body shape even though I couldn’t exercise for more than half of the challenge because of a snapped Achilles!
EC Actually completing the challenge right to the end,  attending the gym/PTs all weeks possible
KW Dropped 4 dress sizes and gained the confidence to follow my dreams in farming.
VS To learn more about food.  And to have lost some weight and measurements.
NA 1. Being able to fit all of my pre-pregnancy clothes again!!! Including my favorite pair of jeans.      2. Remaining committed to what I said I was going to, by consistently working out and eating healthy – I have reaped the rewards with increased strength and fitness and confidence in myself.  I am a lot happier now than when I started the 20 weeks.
CG Reaching my 60th birthday with the fitness level of a 50 year old. Its only 10 years but it was hard work and I felt heaps better.  My other achievement was reducing my stress levels, a serious problem for myself. Learning techniques to help with this and also improving my diet as part of it.
Lisa Press Maintaining my weight during a 7 week trip around Europe, during the challenge! This is a ‘biggie’ and I am so proud of myself!!  Completing 4 Half Marathons during this challenge
Rebbecca Reij A) A holistic and meaningful change that is B) continuing and is not limited to just the 20 weeks
Cathryn McEwan Biking 30 k’s during the Tri July challenge did not believe I could do that plus finishing the whole tri-july challenge    Getting some control over my emotional mood swings that see me racing for the chocolate or biscuit tin
Rebecca Mccoy Overall body shape change and loss of body fat
Rebecca Smith Losing 14kg and learning to swim… Only 2!! I have so much more to write!
Leea Hirst 1. Being able to make the “challenge” a normal part of my life, rather than just being a 20 week phase that might pass, I really feel like this is the way it should be.   2. My Best Friend following in my footsteps and signing up with a Personal Trainer and Her first Bootcamp in Auckland.
Aaron Clark Abdominal strength & flexibility
Brogan Ramsay My two best achievement in the last 20 weeks are achieving my new years resolution of being able to manage a chin up hold for 1min (I lasted longer!!) and improving my overall strength. My other best achievement was running my fastest 10K’s ever (58mins!!)
Jo Hamilton weight loss of 17kg and ability to run 10km
elizabeth gordon Listening to my body and taking the rest i need..i felt like i needed too over exert myself to get results and it was a hard habit to boot to actually stop and listen to my own body and put my pride aside..    the change of shape in my core! having back pain and two c sections after my kids my core is the hardest part to loose fat but given the circumstances of less training because i run myself down and got sick i was suprised of my results and before and after photo
Kristina Wilkinson Reaching my milestone of 30KG total weight loss.  This has been a barrier for me before the 20 weeks started and I got over this hurdle due to my discipline during the last 20weeks :)  I achieved all of my 5 weekly goals along with my 20 week goals!
Dallas Baird 1. My whole physical being has changed to a new improved model. I’m faster, stronger, fitter, leaner,healthier.  2.I wasn’t expecting anything like this but my personality has changed from being an  introverted, stand in the background sort of person to a person who can participate in a group and take charge and press that enter button on Facebook and put myself out there!!!
Amy Lake A change in mindset about my worth and perspective on my life  Ability to push myself through my fear and uncomfortableness and trust and believe in my physical strength and ability
Kareti Rawiri Learning and adopting a better food and eating habit has been my number one best achievement. I used to eat HUGE portions of food and I NEVER said no to lollies and junk but during this challenge I took responsibility for my own eating habits. I made my lunch everyday before I left home, I stopped over-eating at dinner time, and I learnt to say no. I still have the odd treat but what is life if you can’t enjoy a treat!  My 2nd best achievement over the last 20 weeks was all the weight I lost. I have been wanting to drop the weight for years and now that I am engaged it is even more important to me to look my best. I also want to get my belly button pierced but I told myself not until I’d lost the excess fat and I am almost there! It has been so cool to have so many people recognize all the effort I have put in and telling me how good I look, it has made me feel really good about myself :)
Shelley Cornish Competed in a 10km race at week 5 in 1 hour and 20 mins  Running 5km on the treadmill with out stopping!
Debbie Horne Getting adequate sleep – what a difference   Increased health & fitness
Arch Youngman Participated in the Ashburton Duathlon as a cyclist in a team with my wife for all 4 races. Have begun to develop a six pack!!
Mark Gayford Appreciation of the beauty of the outdoors.  Trying out new sports I had never tried before
Diane deWit It was for me to get my shoulder back to a 100%.  near the end of the challenge I just started to come right with myself.
Steven Asher Dry July and less takeaways
Madison Harris How much more confidence I have gained in myself
Cheryl Dunick Two? Only two? Now that is hard! This challenge has been great in so many ways – have lost weight and more importantly centimeters! Lots of those! AND I did it with real food! Cutting out the sugar (you know that OMG I am hungry moment when you are trying to organise tea…gone!) and eating more of the good stuff has made a huge difference but the June July and August individual and team challenges really cemented the challenge for me…loved being part of a team and the support it gave everyone and LOVED the try new foods and new challenges! July got me into the pool and realising how strong I was getting and in August I found a love of the hills walking them nearly everyday. I find myself obsessing about being organised for food and exercise…all else is secondary (sorry boss). I have more energy for the stuff I want to do with my family and find myself wanting active family time and most of all – I am not stressing about the small stuff…Wendy and the team have been great support and the number of laughs and friendships built from this will continue I am sure – I am yet to stop this challenge – final testing done but re testing before the awards night and setting goals for the future – sorry – could not stop at two! Great fun, great achievements by so many and so much support for everyone – lifestyle on track…
Evelyn Burrows Achieving my ultra cardio event without injury and becoming stronger in my overall body condition.
Bianca Sullivan Getting strong enough to overcome old injuries (shoulder and knee now pain free!), losing 10 kg.
Rachel Leech Changeing mine and my childrens eating habits. Now healthy tasty food and snacks are normal and sugary snacks are cut out.  Improving my overall strength. Means i can run faster and longer without feeling like my lungs are going to explode.  Losing weight was never really a goal but feeling good in my skin was, and i have acheived that.
phillip wise Im healthy enough, little secret my beautiful party also in the challenge rebecca jelly is now pregnant.  Woop woop
Tessa Barnes Climbing Mt Thomas- a 6hour trip!!!!  Bring able to run 5kms!
Hope Woodthorpe One of my two best achievements has been changing the daily norms for our family from buying takeaways frequently, spending a lot of time in front of a screen and having the whole family up late no matter what day of the week it is, to cooking our main meals, playing sports, having no electronics during the week and having set bed times.   The other would be changing my thinking about my self and my body and being kind to myself :)
Kendra Street Competing in my first skating competition in 7 years.  Lowering my diabetes blood tests to NORMAL levels but completely changing my diet and eating habits
Amanda (mandy) Gardiner My stamina with comes from the confidence in believing that i can do things..Also found out that i am a bit competitive.i.e. if someone does a wall squat for 2 minute i try to go longer.
Julie Smith maintaining from the last 20 week challenge as well as losing 8 more kg this 20 week challenge and becoming fitter
Michael Smith Got fitter.  Maintained and improved body shape
Stephanie Cullen Believing that I am awesome.    Acknowledging and letting go of old beliefs and behaviours.
Fiona Dixon Learning that the road to one’s destination does not always run smoothly and that the important thing is to move forward and not let the bumps and pitfalls get you down.  I am a stronger person both physically (yay can bench press 40kg) and mentally for having undertaken the 20 week challenge and now look to moving forward and achieving new goals (an revisiting those that were not achieved)
Julia Home mentally i feel strong enough to achieve my goals and maintain a level of exercise/nutrition that is good
Mistelle Jack Along side my strength training came determination, confidence and mental strength  The changes I made in 20 weeks are part of my lifestyle now because of the duration of focus, rather than a fad or phase
Rachel Wilson Reconnecting with my body and enjoying exercise
Genevieve Galletly To manage and achieve study and fitness goals together.  Bring family closer together.
matthew Hides just getting started with doing some running again.and being part of team budgie.And seeing Amy and what she has done she is the star of team budgie.
Vivien Cowey Surviving winter with out gaining weight or turning into miss blobby  Being at a point that I can self exercise and enjoy it with out being accountable to my PT
Tracy Huband I managed to a a full push up, and fit into a ski jacket that has never fitted me.  I’ve also managed to ski a full day with no burning thighs and no uncomfortable muscle soreness, it made it so much more enjoyable.
Nikki Edge Running two half marathons (one of them at 10km/hr) which was faster than any of my training runs :)  Being able to fall asleep quickly once in bed
Lilly Down While the 20 Week Challenge has been a real internal process for me. My mental strength and connection, understanding and appreciating my body has improved dramatically.
caleb woodthorpe I did every climb at clip n climb like I wanted to and I got fitter
Melanie Cropp Completing my 1st half marathon and rehabilitation of my frozen shoulder.
Rob Woodthorpe Seeing my son do it  Learning to slow down and take life in
simone Burford My main goal was to run 5km but I ended up running just over 6km and uphill! The best part though was actually enjoying it!
Natalie Marriott Remaining on programme even when it got tough and cold and dark!  My strength
joy coughlan increased flexibility, feel fitter faster stronger.
Tania Fleck Carrying on with exercise despite challenges in my way  Drinking plenty of water
Anita Adlam Making new friends  Achieving my goals
anita adlam Meeting new friends  Getting fitter and healthier
Lou McLeod Ran half marathon, maintained fitness
Amy Billingsley 100 press ups  Pushing myself to keep going when I was at my lowest
Kerrie de Haan Not sure how to put it to 2, but from eating better and doing more excercise, I am now driving into town which I used to have a big fear of! and I am now with St John training with them to become a First Responder to Paramedic which is my Dream! :)
Rebecca Richards Lifestyle balance, and realising that exercise is just as important for my mental and emotional health as it is for my physical health.
Rebecca Chatwin Understanding of my body    Understanding that I can still achieve even with two injuries
Sarah Taylor 2 half marathons
Kerri Orchard Meeting new people  Being more aware of what I’m eating
Danielle Hennessy Fitness and building muscle
Sharon Hewitt Toning and healthier lifestyle
Paul Dawson trying zumba and getting started with exercise again
Liz O’Dea Increasing my cardiovascular strength in running and biking     Increasing my endurance in multi sports and being able to exercise for up to 6 hours.  I have just completed the 6 hours Spring challenge and was very happy with my fitness level and placing in the race.  This proves my hard work throughout the 20 weks, great opportunity to increase your fitness.
Nicki Hamburger Keeping mentally focused to continue after the flu, and my eating has improved heaps
katherine walker improving my general fitness and feeling good about myself again
Shireen Spaull Maintaining my weight despite several hiccups during the 20 week challenge. My second achievement was involving my kids (and trying to involve my hubby!)
Elly McGuinness Being able to do 40 full push ups and 6 full chin ups (for a hang – none of that swinging stuff!!).  At the start of the challenge I did 10 push ups and half a chin up.  My strength is now better than it has been for 20 years, since I was 13 years old!  And I have been a health and fitness trainer for many years but still wasn’t as strong as this during those years – this has been my chance to focus on my own fitness.    The other main achievement has been getting out there and exercising 6-7 days per week even though I consistently have very few hours of sleep at night.  I have been proud of myself for being able to be flexible and go for a stroll or do a stretching session when my energy levels are too low for something more energetic
Jason Harris Realising I can actually improve my cardivasiular finess dispit my bad knees and and realising I will live without certain foods.
Tanya Robinson Being able to do pull ups!!    Gaining noticeable biceps, triceps and back muscle!
susan blackburn Now able to do sit ups  Swimming 3.5ks
Aaron Clark Abdominal strength & flexibility
Jacqueline Roberts Increased my running distance from 5km to 8.5km and increased the weight i can lift from 45kg to 60kg.
Kirsten Chapman Competing in first half marathon walk   Improving fitness
peter warren Running a Marathon in my dream time of 3,30  Learning how to deal with injury and train smarter
Angel Pincott There are so many things I have gained/improved on, but the two main things are: I can do 20 continuous and unassisted pull ups  and I can do 35 continuous full  press ups. I have exceeded my expectations tenfold.
Caroline Fellows Feeling fitter and healthier, fitting my clothes better and dropping a size.
Natasha Stipich Eating habits  Staying committed
Raymond Lum going to the gym to feeling better about my body
Nicole Vivian Awesome speed improvements in my running – new PBs in half marathon, 10km, 5km, 1km  Physically feel stronger, fitter and faster
Sheree King Overcoming low self esteem and confidence issues gained from childhood.   Going down clothes sizes and feeling more healthy fit and toned than  I have done in many years
Rachel Palmer Increasing running speed eventually after overcoming running issues.  Completing close to 12,000 lower body reps in 20 weeks.
Gemma King Completing 20,000 steps in 20 weeks and the complements I’ve been getting from my family, friends and workmates – noticing my weight loss.
Natasha (Tash) Parkinson I ran my very first half marathon  Lost over 10% of my body weight during the challenge (reached my goal of losing 10kg since start of year)
Angela Leigh 1. On the last day of the challenge I took part in the Pumped 10km/half marathon. Despite only ever running 10km twice before (both during the challenge)  I decided to complete the half. I had to walk from about 17 km but completed it with a run to the end in a time of 2:39. Pretty happy about that!    2. Making my husband proud of me for actually getting out there and exercising. :)
Fiona Murray Running 10km non-stop  Losing over 20kg
Rachel Stead I can now run. One week 1 I hadn’t even attempted running a 1km on week 20 I ran 7 km    I now have doubled the leg strength in my left leg with full extension and flexion
Rebecca Brittenden This challenge I lost most of weight in the first five weeks and I then maintained that loss for the balance of the challenge – I was really happy with this because in the past I’ve always lost the weight and then its always crept back on.  The other achievement I’m really proud of is completing three half marathons over the course of the 20 week challenge and running faster each time.
Fiona bond Getting lighter then my husband, and looking the best I’ve looked in my adult life
Sarah Parker Weight loss  Cardio improvements through running
Lorna Sutherland Dropping to a comfortable size 8  Really seeing a great improvement in fitness now work out with people who i view as being super fit – which makes me super fit
Julia Liddell Weight Loss and a Entering in a Half Marathon.
Jo Mckay 1) Still exercising and managing to lose weight through winter  2) Running my first ever 10km race and winning the female vets (over 40) category by 10 mins over next closest finisher
Kathleen Perrin Finally realizing the hard work that I have done for 20 WEEKS doesn’t need to be undone. IT CAN BE LIFESTYLE CHIOCE. I haven’t weighed 64 kgs in over 20 years
Lee Tooala The desire and determination to see this to the end and achieve my goals. Secondly, the 20 week challenge has helped me to make a lifestyle change for the better.
philip arthur increased flexibility  increased energy levels – better breathing patterns when exercising
Penny Arthur I used to see goals as a way of measuring my failures rather than my successes.  Now I’ve learnt to not be disappointed about not reaching a goal but to be positive about the journey.  That is my best achievement from the challenge.  Second best is accepting who I am and where I am in life, there are things I can’t do, and I don’t care because there are heaps of things that I can do that other people can’t.
Peter Michie Being able to meet goals despite developing Carpol Tunnel Syndrome, continued weight control, and lowered Colesterol levels
Melanie Macfarlane Weight loss of 13 kg  Learnt about different exercises I can do at home to fit in my busy lifestyle
Jane Harris Increasing my overall fitness running 5.87km’s in 60 minutes.  Making lifestyle changes forever with nutrition.  Having a wonderful time with my son Jamie
Lisa Gray Significantly changing my eating and lifestyle habits & smashing the gym 5 days a week therefore seeing the appropriate resutls :)  Dropping my measurements & body fat throughout the challenge and enjoying seeing my body literally change before my eyes as the weeks progressed !
Tracey Mills Completing my third 20 week challenge an achieving all the goals I set for myself an being confident I’m myself again an believing in myself am knowing I can do it
Lee Hazlett 1) Getting under my goal weight by the 20 week mark.  2) Actually completing it – and enjoying it!
Shea Langford Losing 7 kg  Huge improvement in confidence!
Wendy Clarke I can do a pull-up!! Have never been able to before. Didn’t think I would ever be able to! Also, I’m very happy with the visible impact of the decreased body fat level, I love not having to disguise a muffin top :-)
Angela Beard Climbing the Ned and competing in a  3 hour cross country Rogaine
Leanne Sangster Finally enjoying running  Learning to take time for myself
Rebecca Empson Going from only being able to do 1 full body push up to 25     Seeing the physical change in my body
Beth Sharpe Running. I am now a runner. Previous to the 20 weeks, I had had several bouts of going for runs. But for 20 weeks now running has become part of my weekly routine. There were several weeks where for one reason or another, I wasn’t able to do my two regular runs. But knowing that they are just a part of life now I was able to pick up running again at the earliest possible stage. I read somewhere that unlike most sports there aren’t any extra requirements to being a runner. If you run, you are a runner. I am a runner.    The second biggest achievement would be recording my food for several consecutive months and maintaining healthy nutrient dense meal planning for that time aswell.
Brendon Edge Getting my running distances out to levels I’ve never done before, and getting an addiction to running. I can now blast out a couple of 12km+ runs a week and feel good. I used to get to 30-40 minutes of running and get injured or have pain that put me off. But Rick got my running technique going well, and had me build up slowly and effectively to help me achieve the distances I wanted to get to, and stay injury free.     The other big achievement was increasing my pace to 5 minutes/km for 10-12km runs, in readiness for the Peak to Pub on Oct 1. I’ve now done a few 12km runs on or near that pace, and as part of my assessment I completed a 4km run at 4:30 pace which is a big improvement from when I started (where I couldn’t keep up with my kids – now they won’t run with me as I go too fast).
Christine Stevens Running 10km without stopping in 58 minutes when I could hardly run 1km at the start of the challenge.  Being able to do exercises with my baby – I was struggling to hold him without getting back pain at the start of the challenge.
Deena Boyd To complete the 20 weeks even after high stress levels with Otago University papers and the recent death of my step father.  To look at how amazing I look now, which has increased the confidence I have in myself now.
Rachel Leech Getting back down to less that 21% body fat (my main goal)  Getting into volunteer work and discovering that helping someone, even if no body knows that you have, can give you a boost.
Brogan Ramsay 1. Running 100 km for charity and raising over $3000 in doing this. This is ultimately one of the most challenging things I have ever done but also one of the best things I have ever done. I did this because I wanted to try my hand at an ultra distance but also for a cause I feel strongly for. I’ve always wanted to raise money for charity in a big way and this was a bucket list goal I could tick off. I’m very fortunate to have the body that I do that I could attempt to do something like this and so thankful to have the support system and trainer in my life that I do.    2. Getting to have my family join me in my crazy fitness journey! My Mum ran two half marathons with me this challenge, these were her 2nd and 3rd. She completed her first last year after being inspired by my running and that to me is just amazing, how infectious is this exercise thing?! Both my sisters and my sisters boyfriend joined my Mum and I for Saint Clair and did their first half marathons, which honestly is such a proud moment to experience seeing both of them cross the finish line. Both of them have been planning to run one with me since watching me complete them the last couple of years. It was a cool family thing to tick off!! We even got family friends involved and running their first half marathons there too!   My Mum, sister and Step-David joined me for my 100 km  charity run and that was huge too, each of them will have done about 20 km or more with me. My step-David suffers from a back injury which has stopped him from running for years now but he actually joined me and jog-walked with me for 10-20 km of my 100!   Actually thinking about it now, this challenge I’ve been able to share so much with my family, I’ve had them join me for runs, or doing their own epic training, we’ve been to family yoga classes together. It’s been awesome.
Katie Parish Reducing alcohol consumption and gaining energy
Stephanie Pole The reduction in fat mass/weight has been one of the best achievements for me. 10.2kg weight – 9kg fat mass and 1 kg fluid.    Completing my fitness test 12 minutes faster with all increased weights and faster cardio.
Virginia Kidd Finishing the 20 weeks still feeling motivated to keep going to the rest of my life
Chris Clemett Running 10k without stopping and getting my cholesterole level down to a safe level
Sarah watts I achieved a half marathon 😀 and not once did I fall off the wagon I got up at 5am and went to the gym or for a run. I achieved going from 35% body fat to 21.1 % body fat and toned up my body
Diane Park Meeting new people and doing many things I hadn’t done for years and wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t doing the challenge
Sue Hill Strength and body fat, but body fat because it was going to help reduce my cholesterol and strength not just physically but mentally.
Jo Ridgway Doing 50 push ups, proper ones  3 chin ups
Parvati Rotherham Gaining more energy and starting to have a defined waist
Rebecca Ryan 1. I have faced my ongoing challenges with depression by both seeing my doctor about my stress levels and taking medication (for the first time in around 10 years) and also by opening up to my friends and family about what I am going through. Talking to the ladies in my personal training group has really helped me to feel ok about sharing my struggles and to realise that I do not have to be alone or ashamed in facing depression.  2. Buying my wedding dress- there wasn’t even a wedding pre 20 week challenge. My partner saw how focused and happy I was with the physical results I have been getting and suggested we get married on our holiday in November. I purchased a dress in a size that I would never have imagined fitting into and I feel AMAZING wearing it!
Kaye Burling Starting a new exercise routine that’s fun and sustainable  Completing Tri July and rediscovering how great it feels to achieve goals
Glynn Rogers The best acheivements for me having been believing that I could  and then actually running.After multiple times giving up smoking I know I will never smoke again. It was  a pretty major journey for me learning to breathe properly again. I will never do that again to my lungs, myself or my family.
Christine Bailey I can run 10 KM without stopping and I am exercising regularly as well as making my lunches each day
Kate Heyns I have decreased my coffee intake of 6-8 cups per day, down to only 2 cups daily    Making ‘me time’ a priority without the guilt factor
Richard Love Being able to enjoy my trip to Sydney, not worrying about getting tired from exploring the city, and being able to fit more comfortably into the airplane seat.
Michelle Pike More time spent exercising with my children, having fun outdoors and encouraging them to exercise  Stronger body
Kirsty White 1. Running my first Half Marathon!!!   2. Loosing 4.8% of my body fat!!!
Amy Steiner-Simpson Finishing the challenge on minimal sleep with a baby, committing to 2 X sessions per week
Glenda Albon My strength, balance, flexibility and physical abilities  My mental approach to health and wellness.
Josh De Thier The 20 week challenge marked me starting at the gym so it’s also a journey of my first 20 weeks actively getting to a healthier me my best two achievements is that I have better understanding now of what I’m able to do and that I feel comfortable in the gym
Jenny Harris Committing to the challenge and sticking with my running and weight programme no matter what happened – this enabled me to cope with what life threw at me.    Learning to like myself and gain more confidence to try new things and experiences.
Rebecca Brittenden The first would be completing my BHAG which was running the Rotorua Marathon.  Techainlly, this was before the 20 Week Challenge started but I’m counting it because it was a goal I set myself at the end of the 20 week challenge last year and I’m so proud of myself to doing it.  The second would be getting my body fat percentage and visceral fat levels out of the danger zone and into the healthy range.
David Sutherland Challenged myself to go beyond my boundaries, or where I would otherwise not have experienced. For example, skydiving, SkyTower jump, adventures in AdrenalineForest, Christchurch, quadbiking off road.  Restarted biking, initially with off-road bike, but added to that, mid course, a carbon framed road bike. Largest ride 40kms, but regularly 20 – 30 km road trips, and 12km off-road,   Recent team, “Davies Angels” trip around McLeans Island track, where I was asked to lead, so I thought that with these athletes behind me I will need to set a good pace, while still allowing the tail enders to keep in contact. At the end I was teased about being too quick.  Great confidence booster, and really good fun.  There have been others of course, but the mateship at times like above are what warms me.
Jane Dalzell 1. Putting exercise into my daily routine.  2. Proving to myself that I can ‘do it’
Amy Gardiner A change of attitude!    Completing my very first half marathon!
Maria Swensson To loose weight, I have lost 7kg.  And to fit better into my wedding dress, I got it altered down from about a 16 to a 10.
Kellie Oliver-Morrish Personal best plank time of 10 minutes.  Loss not only of weight but 99cm off my body and body fat down to 13% all meaning enough body confidence to wear a bikini! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Tua Hollebon Rinning my first race in public and losing 64.5cm off my body
Briar Dann Getting stuck into exercising at home and in our home gym (which was otherwise gathering dust).  Taking on challenges and doing my absolute best with a smile on my face :)
Cheryl Elsey balance in my life – I have high stress levels so wanted to balance out my work/home life which I feel that I achieved over the 20 weeks    commitment to exercising at least 3 times a week = consistency
Mandy Gardiner To keep exercising over winter.  To try some new things activities.
Aaron Clark Muscle Mass increase & definition, Huge increase in strength and power
Amanda Collins Sticking with the challenge even though I found out I was pregnant and making lots of great new and motivating friends.
Angie Partridge Learning to love myself and my body without putting crazy ideals in place!  Getting myself back on the bike (literally)
Anna Greenslade Losing 12cm around my waist.  Getting fit and active.
Anna Sanford – I have become much more consistent with nourishing my body with good nutrition. As a result of this my energy levels improved hugely and I feel much better about myself.    – My physical testing results were awesome. I felt really proud to see the improvements in my results!
Anne Clark Been a regular exerciser 5 days a week Have improved strength.
Bill Fowlie 1. Managing Angina whilst not decreasing exercises  2. Increasing pressups from 10 to 30
Cathie Hurdle 1. When starting this challenge I had only just become a mum. My life had changed in so many ways and so did the way I had to exercise. One of my biggest achievements has been learning new ways to exercise that fit into my new lifestyle. I’ve learnt to do home workouts, I’ve learnt to run with the pram and I have a few different mummy walking groups that I’ve started up! 20 weeks on and we are loving our new lifestyle!  2. My other best achievement had to be my final testing. I could do a 43sec prone hold and now I can do 3.30! I could do 30sec side prone and can do do 3mins! I could do 6 leg lowers and can now do 110!! Amazing
Charmaine Shaw Nutrition – being aware of what im putting in my mouth! Consciously chewing food down into smaller bits rather than swallowing food after two or three chomps!!    Seeing changes – on a physical level i have seen changes in my fitness and also in my bodies appearance (shape and definition)
Cheryl Dunick Making 20 000m in altitude for my adventure part of the challenge – and knowing that Mt Everest is about 8000m high – the determination I had to finish this and share with my family and friends was huge for me – it would have been so easy on rainy days to just stay indoors and say oh well…but I didn’t! And seeing how much stronger I have become with upper body strength – never thought I would ever see an improvement – but again, determination and a whole lot of encouragement got me to see great improvements.
Chris Matheson Performing in a burlesque show. I also set myself a challenge at the beginning and that was to do 2000 flights of stairs and 1.5mil steps. I succeeded in completing this by actually doing 1,616,481 steps and 2,445 flights of stairs.
David Race Learning to understand and manage my injury’s and arthritis to accept the limitations they put on my training and not to see these limitations as failure but as challenges to overcom…
David Race Managing and understanding my arthritis condition and adapting my fitness training to suit.     Making a big step forward in returning back to normal training.
Diana Mikkelsen Increase of strength & reduced medication for pain.
Eric Dann Breaking my goal of pushups in 30 seconds. Regular weekly exercise.
Fiona Hirst fat loss and fitness level
Gary Marshall Staying committed to a high level of training while having an enormous amount of work/life stuff going on.     Hitting the goals I did while suffering some injuries over this time.    Completing the June 4×4 and Tri July
Graeme Albon Increased strength and endurance
Heather Butcher 1. Being able to do a bridge and get my head off the ground  2. Increasing my fitness even though I have decreased my running
James Tait Being able to do an un-added pull up  Just feeling better about my self
Jessica Bruning Can I have three?? lol  I committed to, and saw to the finish the 20 weeks,  And from that I now have belief that I can stick to other projects.  I am now a runner – not just to the fridge running but hours on end kind of running. 29.3kms even!!
Jessica Bruning That I finished something I started, (I always used to quit)  That I can run, not just to the fridge, but hours on end kind of running, 29.3kms in fact!! :)
Jessica Proudman Being at peace with myself, realising that I am amazing and can achieve great things when I put my mind to it.  This achievement has only recently happened, what this space amazing things are about to occur.     Just because the number on the scales have not changed and my physical appearance has not either doesn’t mean that my fitness levels have not increased.  This I find is my biggest battle, if I don’t see results on the scales then I don’t think I have achieved great fitness and strength.  I was proven wrong by the end of the challenge.  The start of this challenge I sabotaged myself with this theory but am happy to say I have kicked it out of my life!
Jillian Christoff I can hang (the hang test) for much longer!  (It was 0 when I was a teenager!!!)    And, I’m still exercising!  I have been accountable to the challenge and my trainer, even though I didn’t necessarily want to be at times! lol.    Also, I almost enjoyed the wall sit test!  I used to hate it, but running has given me stronger things, so now I can go to my “happy place” for longer until my legs “Jelly-out”.
Jo Ridgway Increasing my push ups from 17 to 50  Feeling good about myself and lots of energy
Justine McCall Losing a large amount of cm’s off my tummy and getting into a more regular fitness pattern through winter which is always hard
Karryn Stevens Biking to Hanmer  Running 21km!
Kate Tipple This is a hard question! :-)     Completing so many exciting and fun ‘Adventures’with my family and friends.     Feeling so much stronger in my body overall including my running.
Kerrie de Haan Over the past 20 Weeks 2 of my best Achievements would be Good Eating and being able to run on a treadmill
Lee Scott My Best achievements have been to get exercising every week and 2nd one is that I have wanted to.
Linda Williamson I was focused on ‘rock the recovery’ after finishing 6 months of chemo in December 2015 and radiation in January 2016.  I had put back on a lot of weight and lost a lot of general fitness and almost all of my cardio fitness.  Now my cardio fitness is much improved and my shape has changed hugely (much leaner shape, even tho not as much weight loss as I would have liked).
Linley Fowlie 1. Completing my first half marathon walk – St Clair Half marathon –   2 Being fit enough to climb the narrow winding steps to the top of the Normandy Keep, Cardiff with my grandchildren Jade (5) and Will (3), to celebrate my 65th birthday
Lisa Press Fundraising for Look Good Feel Better Cancer Charity organisation and doing tough challenges for this throughout the 20 weeks. They all helped me achieve my physical goals and improve in my upper and lower body achievements.    HIll running programme that helped me complete the amazing Epic half marathon. This has done wonders for my overall fitness and lower body strength.
Lorraine Campbell I have coordinated the Arthritis Appeal for the Palms.That meant ringing people to organize times for them for two days at the Palms.Making sure there were people doing what they said they would.Banking the money.I got very tired on the collection days but it was very satisfying.  I now exercise three times a week which helps my fitness and well being.
Lucia Hartley The motivation(and want) to get to the gym almost every day.  I can now do PROPER pushups on my toes.(doing the 22 pushup for 22 days).  Getting the confidence to create new and healthy meals and experimenting with so many more vegetables.
Melanie Cropp Finding exercise I love and look forward to participating in.    While trying new activities well outside my comfort zone I have grown in confidence and learnt more about myself including how to be more comfortable in my own skin.
Melanie Cropp Finding exercise I love & look forward to participating in.    Learning more about myself & becoming more confident & comfortable in my own skin while trying new activities /exercises well outside my comfort zone!
Melanie Kennard Strength
Natalie Marriott Hampster wheel  Team challenge
Natalie Marriott Balancing on balls  Completing team challenge
Natasha Tait completing the challenge again.  weight loss but muscle gain as well
Pauline Jackson Gained body strength  My appearance has improved and I feel so much better about myself.
Peter Warren I can easily touch my toes and my hands nearly meet behind my back from over my shoulders. Mustles recovered from years of abuse feeling like i can now get into  more without damage going forward.
Rach Dawson Running another half marathon  Staying committed to challenge despite a major injury approx half way through challenge
Rachael Bunting Continuous PT for 20 weeks and being out of exercise for two years.  Balance pose: legs on swiss ball and hands on BOSU.
Rebecca Richards Confidence to try new things  Mood and energy
Rebecca Empson Going from being able to only 1 full body push-up to doing 25 in testing    Seeing how much my body changed from start to finish
Richard Love Losing enough weight to enjoy my trip to Sydney, not worrying about getting tired from walking around the city and not having as much trouble with the airplane seat.
Richard Love Losing the amount of weight that I have has made a huge physical difference. Also having a lot more energy, like being able to go for a 30min walk and not get tired.
Riwai grace Feel grief free for the first time since the Earthquakes.  Mentally stronger and more capable to deal with bumps in the future
selina kemp I have gone from struggling to run a lamp post – to completing a 10km run non stop on the last day of the Challenge. (It wasn’t fast or pretty) but I did it.  I entered and completed a Duathlon – all by myself. This wasn’t even a dream goal as I never thought this would ever be possible. I still find it hard to believe – but I did it.
Stuart Oldham Setting a 5km PB (20:43)  Supporting Brogan and running 13km of her 100km run
Sue Hill Strength and reducing my body fat.  Body fat been the main issue due to having high cholesterol in the past and no longer requiring prescription pills. And strength to be stronger physically and mentally.
Tina Mongston Really happy with my increased strength, I feel as though I learnt a lot this year and have a much better understanding of what I’m doing whilst using weights in the gym.   Also great to see muscle development and feeling toned.   Definitely more aware of utilising my core more, it’s never really been a focus for me in the past but now appreciate how important it is to implement into my training regime.
Running 20km and gaining the confidence to change not only the way I see myself but to also change aspects of my life.
JS Overall lifestyle change. I wasn’t focused on changing my lifestyle just feeling better about myself. Guess what it just happened naturally along my 20 week journey.  Both my partner and I now eat less and a lot healthier,  we drink less (limited to weekends) and we exercise together.    I can fit into clothes I put away for one day when they might fit again.  That was 10 years ago and they now fit. So exciting but I think it’s now time to throw them away and reward myself with a wee shop.
SP Weight loss  Cardiovascular fitness
IH To stick to the programme even when I had to deal with intens loss/grief.  To left weights and feel strong again eventhough my muscle pain never subsided. To be able to push through that pain barrier.
JMcB The biggest change for me has been having a nutritious lunch every (week) day.  In the past I would often skip lunch and then mow my way through the fridge and pantry, then not eat a proper dinner because of eating too much, too late in the day. I was also a recidivist BP and bakery lunch shopper – not too many healthy choices on offer in either place!  I am really proud of this change and it has had huge impact on my overall nutrition.   The other achievement for me is the gains I have made with my improvement in strength. Not only does this show in my physical appearance, but it has helped me psychologically with my running, in that I push myself much harder than I used to.
ET Learning to run and running 10km! Never thought I’d “be a runner” and I’m so proud I achieved that. I got a strain in a foot muscle half way through the challenge which stopped me running (but not all exercise – I just had to modify) for about a month so I’m really happy with my achievements with running.  Getting overall fitter and healthier. I’m doing all areas of life better – eating, working (stress), relationships (mood) and exercise etc. I’m feeling really positive and loving life as a result.
PC My flexibility has improved ‘dramatically’ in the words of my physio! This is thanks to daily stretching, weekly yoga and regular massage and physio sessions which were part of my 20 week goals. It feels great to look after my body properly, it works very hard! I have dramatically improved my cardio fitness, smashing my 1km, 5km and half marathon PBs – 3 major BHAGs! This had given me the confidence to attempt longer runs of up to 30km which has resulted in me signing up for my first marathon. I never thought this was possible but now I know I can do it ??    I am the lightest and fittest I have ever been! I have beaten my fastest half marathon twice in the past 20 weeks, shaving over 3 minutes off on Sunday at the pumped half. I also ran my fastest 1km and 5km ever last week!
GD I have dropped a few dress sizes  I WANT to exercise
VJ I exercised all through winter    I’ve realised that I can push myself harder, and I can achieve “the impossible”
AC Coping with an injury which stopped me from being able to complete my running goals for the challenge – I tore a tendon in my foot and was in a moon boot for five weeks, and am not allowed to run for 3-6 months, although this also had a silver lining as I have been able to increase my strength in my upper body and can now do 40 pull ups!!!  I was able to get through the whole 20 weeks without drinking any coca-cola (this would be like not drinking alcohol for most people), and even though the challenge finished a week ago I still haven’t had any.
PE Consistent training    Increased mileage in running
NE Riding my horse more regularly while improving my balance on her (specific exercises) and 8kg weight loss
SP Body shape and weight  Change in mindset – exercise becoming part of the routine and hence improvement in cardiovascular fitness and strength
EB I lost 5% of body fat and gained at least 2kg of  Muscle
JH Fitter and stronger
AP Completed my first half marathon  Planned and completed some great fun family adventures
CR I survived the winter without getting pneumonia or having any hospital visits with illness, so I made it to my daughter’s 5th Birthday 28th September 2016 which was one of my goals in the 2014 20 week challenge and I have 90 – 95% recovered from a rib cage injury – Costochondritis which I endured during the beginning of this challenge from painting the outside of my house.
CMcD Boost in confidence   Getting stronger
CMcD My gain in confidence,  Getting a lot stronger
DD AchievING a higher fitness level and comminting to fitness classes
DM Sticking through it, increased fitness and back into running again!
EM Being able to do single leg TRX squats  Getting clearance from physio to start walking again
GS Working out and sharing common goals with friend  Muscle definition and strength
JJ Rang 10kms without stopping   Eating healthier foods
JH I am fitter and stronger coming out of winter , which is wonderful
JC Smashing my prone hold target and being able to do something I didn’t think I could
JS The turn around in both my partners and my lifestyle.  We have stopped drinking during the week, changed our eating habits, exercising together and giving up smoking together.    Getting fitter both mentally and physically.  This challenge has help build my confidence and self esteem back to the old me.  Its great to be back.
KM Enjoying the results of the quarterly fitness tests and appreciating the improvements made in strength and fitness  Competing in events that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, and being surprised by my results (in a good way)
KA Keeping going  Exercise as a habit
KB To get back into big musical theatre shows!!  Completed a half marathon!!
KD Regular exercise and discipline with making good food choices.
LJ 1. I got a pretty bad knee injury in week 6 of the challenge and was told I wasn’t allowed to use that leg for anything until it healed. Of course this knocked me back a bit, but instead of quitting (which would have been an easy option) I continued training just upper body and my left leg.   2. I’ve always been scared of gyms. Pre-challenge I would wait until my gym was completely empty before going in. Around week 4, I was faced with my gym being packed with a fitness class of 30+ people and I still went in and did a full workout as per my plans. This was MASSIVE for me, I’ve always been incredibly self conscious and being all hot and sweaty is not my ideal way to be seen by a pack of strangers.
LW Changes to my mental health & physical strength :-)
LS Learning that “I can do it”, no matter how unachievable the goal seemed at the beginning.  Increasing strength of body and mind.
LMcL Christchurch marathon 10km run  Reduced measurements
MH Despite the sudden loss of my adult daughter just before the challenge I still attempted the challenge – it gave me something to focus on. .While I did not make the progress I had hoped, I still attended my training sessions and my yoga classes and did not give up completely on health and fitness and I know I can be successful in the future.
MR The change in my eating habits have been huge,no more meal replacements or diets for me just nutritional real food and better option treats.   Also sing my body shape start to change, I was so excited when I could see my bicep muscles, I ran around the house flexing at everyone!
RE Strength
RS My confidence has increased  Entering my first ‘event’ ever (10km walk Christchurch city marathon)
SS decreasing my body fat and increasing my muscle mass  feeling super strong
SL I still can not believe I have biked, run and   Walked 2272kms in this challenge!   Completing 3 1/2 marathons in 20 weeks  And booking in for my first marathon in  November!   I really enjoyed the 4×4 challenges and some of these definitely put me out of my  Comfort zone!
TM Managing to reach my goals of running a certain route, Kingston to Fairlight and being able to fit into pants I wore 10yrs ago!