Businesses wanting to advertise with us

If you’re a great businesses, who can help our entrants succeed, then we’d love to have you on board as an official supporter.

In return for offering a great deal, discount or prize exclusively to our entrants and/or their personal trainers we will promote your business on our website for the world to see.

There’s no other costs or hitches to being involved so we’d consider that cheap cheap advertising but in order for it to work there are a few pre-requisites.

  1. Your business operates nationally or globally and any give-away or discount can be redeemed by entrants nationwide in your country and/or globally i.e. they don’t need to go to a specific location to redeem it. Some exceptions may be made for  adventures, holiday packages, which are considered to be attractive/common destination points.  Just submit your idea and we can have a yarn about it if need be.
  2. Your discount is for 20% or more – conditions can apply for instance it may only be redeemable on certain products, to a limited number of people for a limited time period. There’s no minimum value to any prizes however.
  3. Good news, your deal will stay ‘as is’ on our website until October 28th, 2017 so write it with that in mind, i.e. that we won’t be making changes to what you’ve written once it is up.  To overcome this restriction if you needed to,  one option would be to list 20 Week Challenge Entrant deals on your own website and simply provide us with link to that page on our website – with a catchy, grabbing statement of course.
  4. Based on what we’ve done in the last few years we’d suggest getting crazily creative. Think of ways to get entrants interacting with you in the process of claiming their discount or winning the prize – it also makes it more fun for our entrants. Check out some of what sponsors got up to last year below.

Please note, we’re not able to promote dietary supplements or shakes or businesses based around them.  We’re also unlikely to be doing any other specific advertising of your deal – other than we will regularly encourage people to go to our Member’s Deals website page to see what’s on offer for them and we have no doubt it’ll get lots of hit.

Apply here to advertise with us in 2017  ideally before love love day – 14th February.

Ideas from 2016

We love to use unique ways to help entrants to have fun and in turn drive traffic to your own social media sites or website.   The more open to a little bit of craziness you are,  the more benefit you’ll probably receive from our crazy antics – as you’ll see by some of the examples below.

Lyttelton Bikes Ltd.

NZ’s sole importer of Bobbin Bikes, a classic English brand and as part of the sponsorship deal, one entrant wins a Bella the Bobbin at the end of the 20 Week Challenge but until then,  the bike is being used by entrants all over the nation who agree to post pictures of what they get up to on it and who then tag in the company and the brand.  We did the same with a GT mountain bike, a hula hoop and Shakti Mats.

20 July Cate Grace posts pics of competitors on Bella the Bobbin 8 July Cate Grace Bellas new home


Henry gave us a dozen bottles of this awesome stuff after we wrote to him saying we had tried it at a supermarket tasting and loved it and wow, did he Henry get an awesome ROI. We ran competitions asking people to come up with recipes they would like to use it in (and post these on Facebook) and then the winners had to share those recipes.

I am Sauce Twitter galJPGIMG_5445


Real Food Less Fuss
Lauren Parsons released the book Real Food Less Fuss during the 20 Week Challenge so we incorporated it into a month long mini-challenge where we encouraged entrants to make a recipe from it, 3 of which we loaded on to our website, and surprise a friend by taking the end result to a friend as a surprise.  Can you imagine the rave reviews that came out of that one?  Even better to win the book, they simply had to post their effort on our Facebook page and/or with  #realfoodlessfuss.

sprint post example Kirsty cheesecakeReal Food Less Fuss


Deep Space
Deep Space offered us 1 x month  50% off vouchers to give away and we created a few wee comps around this including liking and commenting on their Facebook page and tagging in their friends. Winners shared their pics with others – lots of fun and perfect for an activity that not many had tried.

20 June Karryn Stevens deepspace Cathie's deep space visit27 June Suzy Lange floating


Courage My Love Clothing
Courage My Love supported us with a free legskins and 50% off vouchers which we created all sorts of neat competitions around including doing a call outs for stories of courage at the start and now again at the end of the challenge, and a long the way lots of photo-posting, page liking and friend tagging.

Becca legskins 1 July Yanina Purcell new Courage My Love legskinslegskins small


Team Challenges
We run three crazy, fun team challenges which hundreds of entrants get involved with.  Entrants score extra points for promoting sponsor products on their adventures and posting about them afterwards.  It’s awesome!

Marie Wales team