The basics


In 2017 the 20 Week Challenge celebrates its 10th year and heads in to its 14th series.   

Created by Broni McSweeney when she was a Personal Trainer in New Zealand, the 20 Week Challenge is now available to people all over the world.  Growing every year, it has been delivered by more than 100 Personal Trainers in New Zealand alone and has helped thousands to achieve their own personal health and fitness goals, from losing weight to having more energy, reducing back pain to running marathons, overcoming injuries, learning to swim, quitting smoking, sleeping better and everything in between.  

Some info to help you rest easy before you go in to all the details of how it rolls. 

  1. Proven success Each year over 97% of entrants regard themselves as successful* and a whopping 98% also say they would recommend the 20 Week Challenge™*
  2. Tons of recommendations There are literally hundreds of testimonials and stories on our website detailing people’s varied successes.
  3. We use experts in a range of areas including mental performance, nutrition and exercise.
  4. We believe in individualized  advice reaping the best results and that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to training programmes, diets or keeping people motivated.
  5. We are not an online programme and believe face to face sessions with your own personal trainer is key to your success.   It’s a harder road for us, the developers, but it is more in tune with our beliefs of what actually works for people.
  6. We don’t support extremities. There’s no lemon diets, train hard every day, mediate for an hour each morning stuff happening here. We get excited by helping people achieve a happy, balanced, energized life where eating well and being active is an achievable, enjoyable piece in their own bigger jigsaw of life.

How it works

  1. Choose two categories Match your most important health and fitness goals with 2 of our 13 challenge categories.
  2. Choose a personal trainer (PT)  Your PT will assess your fitness at the start and end of the Challenge and you’ll see them at least once every four weeks, and a minimum total of five times, along the way.
  3. Start From May 1st, you have 20 weeks to excel in the categories you’ve chosen.  You’ll have weekly tips sent to you,  quizzes to do, games to play, plus three awesome solo challenges and three team challenges to jump in on  – all optional but all designed to help you enjoy the journey and cross the finish line a winner.    If you’re a real keen bean you can also enter the Early Starters Pre-Challenge Challenge anytime from January 14th.  From April 2nd the Starter’s Pack will be available to all entrants to help them prepare for the official challenge. 
  4. Win  Once all the results are in we’ll announce winners each night at 7.30pm NZ time from Sunday 22nd October to Saturday October 28th.  All the winners will then go in a draw for cash prizes.

Nb:All entrants and trainers are encouraged to have a Facebook account to be involved in the 2017 Challenge.

Start Dates & Costs

  • May 1st 2017 is the official start date and we finish on September 17th.
  • January 14th 2017  entries open and we also open up the Early Starters Challenge for extra keen beans.
  • Entry fee NZ$129 . Pay just NZ$99 before midnight April 1st, 2017
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Included in your entry fee:-

  • The Winner’s Guide – which includes the ‘Starter’s Pack’ with fitness testing templates as well as hot tips to help you prepare for the journey plus 20 chapters, delivered to you weekly, filled with proven tips and tricks to get you across the finish line and recommended by 99% of our entrants*
  • Cash prizes derived from a percentage of all entry fees.
  • PLUS  lots of crazy fun opportunities to help you enjoy your journey and succeed.  

Other costs?
Entrants pay their PT directly for any PT sessions.  Costs can vary greatly but most entrants, even those on a tight budget, can usually be catered for.  For more details about the PT costs and side of things click here.

What costs you won’t have
You don’t need to buy supplements, weird fitness gizmo’s, pre-packed meals or infomercial thingies. You don’t have to join a gym, hire or buy home fitness equipment. Sometimes some of those things can be helpful but it’s totally up to you.  We don’t sell any of them and don’t receive commission from the sale of any. 

Let’s get started

Step 1. Choose two categories

Choose two categories that best match your health and fitness goals then
list them on your entry form and advise your PT so they can organise the appropriate fitness testing. You’ll have the opportunity to change categories up until 3 weeks after the start date.

1. Abdominal
Desire a shapely waist or an envious six pack? Then choose this as one of your categories.  Also a goody for people that want to focus on their pelvic floor strength.

2. Adventurers
Feel up for climbing 20 mountain peaks in 20 weeks? Kayaking the Abel Tasman?  May jump out of planes and off buildings and bridges?  This category is for entrants who are keen to embark on unusual and exciting or daring experiences.

3. Balance
A great one for entrants who want to take up tight rope walking, or who just want to not fall over when they stand on one leg.

4. Cardiovascular
Haven’t done anything fitnessy for a while? Want to go from being a walker to a runner, hike happily up hills or just not puff going up stairs? Then this is the category for you.

5. Flexibility
If you’d love to touch your toes or maybe touch your ears with your toes then enter this category.

6. Lower Body
From butt to big toe this is the category for those yearning for a fab set of pins and a great toosh.

7. Maintenance
We regard this as one of our very hardest categories to put your hand up for! Getting fabulous improvements can be very motivational but what happens when it’s time to just maintain those great results.  This category acknowledges the challenges of staying on track.

8. Strong (wo)man
If your dream is to lift, push or pull a 747 or just to lift more than you already do then this is the category for you.

9. Ultra 
Been competing in events for a few years? Already have great cardiovascular and/or strengths levels from years of training? Know how to eat and recover well and want to focus on personal bests, longer distances and/or harder events? Then this is the category for you.

10. Upper Body
For the entrant who is chasing stronger, more toned shoulders, back, chest and arms.

11. Rocking the Recovery

For those who in the process of recovering from an injury during the challenge.  It may be that you come in with an injury or have an operation/set back mid-challenge that you need to recover from.  A great one to help people stay motivated and on track with their rehab by entering this category.  This is also the only category that you can change into at any point during the challenge.

12. Skill Me Up
Keen to take up a new activity? Surfing, tennis, karate, bowling, gymnastics, pole dancing or sailing maybe?  Whatever it is, see how good you can get at in 20 weeks to be in to win this one.   The only rule is the activity needs to be new-ish to you (i.e. you haven’t done it more than 2 or 3 times) and you’re keen to get good at it. 

13. Entrants Choice
For entrants who have health and fitness goals not covered by our other categories like improving their agility, or the speed at which they can bowl a cricket ball or coping with mental health issues, overcoming addiction, improving their blood pressure, cholesterol levels or confidence. You name it and we’ll take it.

All entrants are also automatically entered in to the following three overall categories.  

A. Overall Body Change 
Awarded to an entrant who has experienced all over positive changes in shape, fitness, strength, body fat, muscle, posture, health – the whole kit and kaboodle!

B. Overall Lifestyle Change
Make positive changes to your overall lifestyle and you’ll also be in to win this one.

C. Overall Entrant
Given to an entrant who gives the challenge their all and really embraces the 20 Week Challenge™ philosophy.

Step 2: Check if you're eligible to enter any extra categories

All entrants, in addition to entering their two chosen categories, are eligible to enter as many of these categories as are are applicable to their situation.   Just tick the boxes on the full entry form we send you.

1. Best Buddies
For great friends who want to support each other on their 20 Week Challenge™ journey, whether that’s by training together or competing against each other!  

2. Couples 
For entrants who are couples, either married or de-facto, who support each other on their 20 Week Challenge™ journey, whether that’s by training together or competing against each other!  Couples award tips.

3. Early Starters 
If you don’t want to wait until May 1st to start on your health and fitness journey then you can get going  any time from January 14th 2017 to be in to win this category.  Simply fill out the entry form to recieve the testing template and have your Personal Trainer fitness assess you and you’re good to go.

4. My Pet and Me
For entrants keen to train with their pet.

5. New Mums
For mums who have had a baby in the 24 months before May 1st, 2017.

For entrants 65 years and over as of June 30th, 2017

7. Team Challenge 
For teams of between 4 and 7 entrants, who all train with the same PT and who complete the 3 fun Catch Fitness ‘mini – any one can do – team challenges’ that we toss out during the 20 Week Challenge™.

8. Workplace Angel
Recognizing our work affects our health and vice versa this category is for those wanting to challenge themselves to be healthier at work and help others to be too.

9. Youth 
For entrants under 16 years of age as of September 18th, 2017.

Step 3: Enter Here

  1. Enter here.
  2.  If you do not receive a reply within 24hrs asking you to confirm your email and then sending you a copy of your entry form, huge apologies.  Please email us directly to sort you out.
  3. Pay the entry fee, anytime before April 1st to score the Early Bird Rate.
  4. On April end we send all entrants the online Starters Pack.

Step 4: Choose a Personal Trainer

Ideally contact a personal trainer as soon as possible so they can plan your fitness testing and programme if need be. Click here to find out more about how to find a Personal Trainer.

Questions? Confused?

 Click here to go to our FAQ page or give us a call on 0800 000 929 or send an email to 

Talk to a past entrant

Most past entrants are very happy to share their story,  give you ideas on how to have an awesome journey and reassure you about the role of the PTs if you’re a bit nervous or unsure about that aspect.  Drop us a line and we’ll hook you up with one.  

Ready to get started

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